Monday, December 3, 2012

Romo Must Play at MVP Level

The Cowboys don't have much of a shot to make the playoffs.  They will likely have to win their remaining four games to even have a chance.  The defense is a complete mess after suffering injury after injury throughout the season.  So it would seem that the only real chance that the Cowboys have to keep winning is to simply outscore their opponents.  That is going to be a tall order especially when you consider the poor play of the offensive line.

I know the win against the Eagles was a bit of a mirage because the Eagles have essentially shut it down for the season.  But it gave us a glimpse of what the games are going to be like from this point on.  The defense is going to give up a lot of yards and a lot of points.  The offense is going to have to put up big numbers on the scoreboard in every game for the rest of the season.

So it boils down to this.  Tony Romo has to be great for the Cowboys to have a chance.  Not good, great.  Getting DeMarco Murray back into the fold is going to help.  But the offense is only going to go as far as Romo takes them.  Just think of what Aaron Rodgers did two years ago.  He caught fire and carried his team into the playoffs.  Romo has to do the same thing.

Now don't get me wrong here.  I'm not saying that Romo is going to carry to Cowboys into the playoffs.  That scenario is extremely unlikely.  All I am saying is that the only path to the playoffs has Romo leading the charge. 

The defense is bad.  So what I would like to see out of them is more risk taking.  They need to play for turnovers.  They are already giving up big plays and big yardage anyway.  The only way the defense can offset that is to force more turnovers.  Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr need to get more freedom to jump routes.  Playing soft and keeping everything underneath isn't working.  Everyone on defense needs to go for broke within the framework of the defense.

It seems like a pretty simple adjustment for Rob Ryan and Jason Garrett to make to the defense.  Unfortunately we don't see the coaches make many adjustments during the game or even week to week with this team.  So maybe my vision for the defense is a pipe dream but it sure seems like the only answer to me with so many key players missing.

Tony Romo is getting hot.  Dez Bryant is in full beast mode.  Jason Witten is finally making plays down the field.  The offense needs to run on all cylinders from this point on.  It is the only hope the Cowboys have.


  1. I dont think that the Eagles have given up for this season... It is their job to play football... I am in sales, and if I have a bad month, I dont just simply say fuck it and shut down the last week... I try like hell to pick it up so I dont look like such a waste at the end of the month... They have had some key injuries, but it looks like they are getting it back together... I for one am glad the Eagles are out of the way, because I only see them getting better and better as the last 4 games play out.. I think they will help us with a win over the Skins in a few weeks... Furthermore, I fully agree with you about the coaching staff... I have wondered all season why there are no game time changes... When something is not working, why not try something different... It is like Garrett is taking cues from the Shananagans... This team has some real talent... I think people on the sidelines are wearing to many hats... Jason needs to either be the Head Coach, or the O Coordinator, but not both... Rob Ryan needs to get his balls back... The ones that he had when he was in Cleveland... I guess now that he is in the national spotlight he is scared to get embarrassed, but that is exactly what is happening to him with his super conservative game plan... Romo has been playing well, and I think the team can squeek out some wins... The Bengals will be a good chance to see what Ryan wants to do moving forward.. They have 2 good receivers and Carr and Claiborne will have their work cut out.. We will need to use some safety help up top to be able to go anywhere... I do not see Lawfirm having a huge game on us, but who knows... I think if we can limit their ground game we stand a good chance... Pacman man show up and show us why we should have gave him another chance, but.... lol... I dont think this rests on Romo... I think if our defense will step up a level, and our O line will step up our team will be good to go... As always, thanks for your blog...

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