Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Seems Familiar

Twelve months after losing to the New York Giants to end the 2011 season with the NFC East title on the line the Cowboys are back in the same situation again.  The only difference this time around is the opponent.  The Cowboys will get a second shot at RGIII tomorrow night.  It hasn't been that long since the Thanksgiving game but the Cowboys will have many of their injured players back for this game that weren't there the first time around

The offensive line was a mess with injuries.  This time Tyron Smith and Ryan Cook will both be starting and the offensive line won't have to shuffle around to fill in the missing pieces.  Miles Austin will hopefully last longer than he did in the first game.  And, most importantly, DeMarco Murray will be on the field and probably the healthiest he has been since the season started. 

To me the deciding factor in the first game was turnovers.  The Cowboys were able to move the ball against the Redskins with ease in the first game.  The problem was the Cowboys dug a 28-3 hole in the first half thanks to three turnovers.  The Cowboys need to protect the ball this time around

Defensively the Cowboys gave up way too many big plays to RGIII and the Redskins.  More than anything else the Cowboys need to force the Redskins to earn their points.  The key will be forcing field goals and limiting touchdowns.  The defense is too beat up to be expected to shut down the Redskins.  But they can play sound assignment football and limit the big plays.  And I want to see Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr willing to take a few shots at picking off some passes.  Turnovers will decide the game.  The Cowboys must win the turnover battle.

The special teams match up is very even.  Both teams have good kickers and dangerous returners.  Dwayne Harris is showing a knack for making big return plays at critical moments.  A big return or two could really turn the tide in this game.

No matter how this game plays out you have to give the Cowboys a lot of respect for battling to get back into this position.  With all of the injuries on defense and the Josh Brent tragedy there have been countless reasons for the Cowboys to give up on the season.  But they haven't.  And they seem determined to prove everyone wrong.

I can't even explain how excited I will be if the Cowboys can find a way to get into the playoffs.  I really think they can beat the Seahawks if they get another shot at them.  This time the game would be a home game and I think that would be the difference. 

I hope Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan have a better game plan this time around.  Rob Ryan appeared to figure some things out in the second half of the first game against RGIII.  Hopefully he can get the defense going earlier in this game.  And the offense has got to get out fast and score touchdowns.  It is going to take a lot of points to win this game.  The play calling should reflect that.

This is the moment that we dream about as fans.  Don't forget to enjoy the moment.  I'm expecting the Cowboys to win but it could very easily be the last game we get to see the Cowboys play for about 8 months.  Savor the moment!


  1. I have my fingers crossed for the luck factor. Hope the ball bounces in our favor for once. I think we have the team...need some luck...GO COWBOYS...

  2. Well they did it to me again. I had pretty much given up on the Boys (as many fans did) halfway through the season. Even when winning 5 of 6 there was still this air of "It's the same old Cowboys. They can't win when it matters." But then Romo turned into an elite quarterback. Close to 5,000 passing yards, leading his team to multiple last second victories. I thought they were actually going to do it this year. I was picturing them beating the Seahawks in Dallas in the first round. But again - they lose in the big game. And Romo reverted back to Old Romo. But even with his two interceptions (should have been three at this point), most of their key players not on the field, them giving up a billion rushing yards, they were still within three and had the ball in the fourth quarter. And they were playing in Washington. It just felt right for a game-ending drive. But of course that didn't happen. I sat devastated after this loss. Three years in a row missing the playoffs. One playoff win in what? 16 years? Romo being labeled a choke-artist again. Year after year after year it's the same story. Don't know what else to say...

  3. I'm devastated with the loss too but when I woke up this morning I was thinking... "Even if they had won, they would probably be killed by Seattle's defense with Dez, Austin, Harris and Beasley out". Seriously, it would not be a competitive game with Ogletree and someone off the streets starting the game.

    The core pieces of the Defense are returning healthy next year and hopefully Demarco and Dez can stay healthy for a full season as well.

  4. I agree that they might have lost to Seattle. But at least they would have gotten the chance to play the game. Just making the playoffs would have done wonders for Romo's confidence and the fan base. Now everyone will forget what an amazing season Romo had and just slap the choke-artist who can't win the must-win games label. I guess I'm tired of the "wait until next year" mantra. Just seems to be the same story year after year after year with the same results.

  5. End of year thoughts?

  6. I hope everything is ok. Really like your blog. Cowboys'll be stronger than ever next season!

  7. Why haven't you posted anything all off season? really like this site but it hasn't changed in so long.

  8. I'm a little sad this hasnt been updated in so long. hope all is well there.

  9. Eric, do you think before you type?? Stronger than "EVER"??? Please explain how... Furthermore, where has this guy been??? No updates... Maybe he is not as much as a fan as we all thought... I offered to help him with this blog, as he does not do much with it, but no reply to my message... Anyhow, look forward to hearing from him when he decides to be a fan again during the regular season...

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  11. Robert why dont you write your own blog instead of bitching?

  12. Robert, Im just trying to be optimistic. They will probably be terrible

  13. Thoughts on the new season?

  14. It is that time of year !! I hope this guy is doing well and will start posting again. I have always enjoyed his articles and the blogs that follow.
    'Boys gotta stay healthy. If the running game is solid, Romo will be great this season. Defense will be sound and create the turnovers that will equate to more wins. I say again, must stay healthy.
    back to the owner of this site, let us know how your doing, hope all is well.

  15. Hope to see/read your take on the new season soon....

  16. One week from today, COWBOYS victory over the giants!

  17. Finish the season 10-6, win the east and.....

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