Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Cowboys Bashing Needs to Stop!

Let me start by explaining my disappointment in this team over the last 2 seasons. When the Cowboys lost to the Giants last year I think I took that loss harder than I have ever taken a loss by the Cowboys. It took me weeks to even be able to discuss how disappointed and hurt I was by the loss. This year was a little different. Once Romo got hurt against the Cardinals, the Cowboys never showed enough on the field to make me think that they were real contenders again this season. The Giants game in December got my hopes up, but the Ravens game brought me back to reality. I was disappointed by the way the Cowboys played against the Eagles, but there was almost a sense of relief that the season was over after all of the drama that surrounded the team this year.

With that said, let's tone down the anti-Cowboys talk. There are a lot of so-called fans out there these days runnning around bashing the team every chance they get. I understand the hurt and disappointment the team has caused you but either support the team or find someone else to root for. Maybe you are getting made fun of at work, by your friends, by your family members, or even by everyone you know. You know what? I am too but I won't take that out on my team. I can't even begin to explain how much grief I get about my support of this team. Some people revel in the Cowboys' losses just because they know they can make me mad by bringing them up.

Being a real fan means that you support your team through thick and thin. I was there for the Quincy Carter days. I was there for 1-15. I know how hard it can be. You find yourself wondering why you put yourself through all of this. Sometimes it is hard to remember what makes you support a team when times are tough, but what it makes me realize is how much we need to enjoy the successes of our team. I took the teams of the 90's for granted. I won't take it for granted when the Cowboys do break through for another championship. Sticking through the hard times will make the good times that much more fun and rewarding.

Let the Ed Werders of the world find ways to bring this team down. There are endless members of the media who seem to live for the downfall of the Cowboys. Don't let their constant negativity affect how you feel about this team.

There is nothing wrong with reviewing the season and trying to find ways that the team could improve. I constantly think about what we can do differently or what this team needs. But Tony Romo has about $65 million reasons why he won't be leaving any time soon. Jerry Jones is never going to hire a general manager. And we are, unfortunately, stuck with Wade Phillips as our head coach. Deal with it. If you can't, then maybe you need to find a new team to follow.

Anyone can be a fan when the team is winning and times are good. The real fans are the ones who are there when times get tough. I am still here. Go Cowboys!


  1. Well I'm still a fan too, romo2witten (if you're gonna post a blog can't you use your name?). I'm not going to pretend I'm contemplating boycotting all Cowboys games next year. That's ridiculous. I watched Dallas lose to the LA Rams in a playoff game almost 30 years ago and have been hooked into their mystique ever since. But fans need a sense of hope that their team will be a hungry young squad with an identity and a real system in place, aka Hope. I'll stick through the hard times but I need sunshine on the horizon to keep my head up on this franchise. Atlanta has it. Baltimore has it. Even Philadelphia with an aging quarterback has it. For fans to make it through the hard times, does that mean outliving Jerry Jones? How long will this take? What are the chances he'll relinquish his club to his son and will Stephen hire a real GM?
    Don't tell me I can't bash or be down on this team. I'm a fan and it's my team. We root for them any way we want.
    But we need some hope, man.

  2. I with you romo2witten. The players returning from injury give me hope. A healthy Tony Romo gives me hope. I hope they can overcome the inability of Wade Phillips to lead the team.

  3. No, you are wrong!! The Cowboys bashing needs to go on. These are (over)high-priced athletes with no heart and have no idea what it's like to get paid 30k/year.

  4. I agree ... fans tend to be too fickle about their fanaticism. It's great to be hopeful, to look forward to things happening, players and coaches changing from team to team, but at the end of the day, a fan is still there waiting for the next step.

    A fan is still thinking about the team, and still throwing out ideas, even if they are under-informed and will never be seriously listened to.

    A fan sharing his/her thoughts on the team shows the true pride of a fan.

  5. Great post romo2witten! I agree w/ you all the way. Even when we had testaverde at QB, I thought this team could win the super bowl b/c that's always my expectation with the Dallas Cowboys, but when they don't make it, I don't hate them or start bashing them for stuff the media says when the media doesn't even have proof to back it up and won't say it to the players' face. I'm sure you've heard this saying before and I'll say it again, "Win, lose or tie, I'm a Cowboys fan until I die!"

  6. Very well said. I wish more fans took your stance. But you guys are right. It's easy to bash the team now. What it comes down to, is that we were all a little wrong about this team. We all thought they would be much better than 9-7. And no one likes to be wrong. So everyone is a little pissed off by it. I get it. But at the end of the day, you're still a fan. No one is going anywhere, including Romo or Jerry as the GM. The best thing to do is move on and hope for a better season next year. But we all know the expectations will be much lower.
    Again, well said in the blog, and the comments.

    - Nick Eatman

  7. I have been a fan since year 1 and have probably watched over 90% of the games either in-person or on TV since the beginning. We always want them to be better but the Dallas media has sucked since Bayless and which network does he work for now?

  8. He works for ESPN now. show is called "1st and 10" or something like that.

  9. Standing blindly behind your team only lines Jerry's pockets and affirms his decision-making.

    I support this team every year by buying season tickets and merchandise. That give me the right to cheer and boo during the same game. The only thing I agree with you on is that some "fans" carry it too far. But don't try to judge other peoples' fandom by your "rules". As a fan of this team since '66 when I went to my first game in the Cotton Bowl, I think I'll keep doing it my way.

  10. Well, people are just grouchy today aren't they?lol. Look, romo2witten is right guys, we need to be a part of the solution not the problem. It is easy to find someone bashing the cowboys today, in the media or otherwise. We don't need it from our fans. What we need is a voice loud enough that jj has to listen. We can only do this if we come together and provide a solution that makes sense. Screaming and hollering does nothing but make people close their ears. Cutting our best players because you are mad at them is just ridiculous. Be a fan your own way if you want, but when you sound like the cowboy haters how are you any different than them?

  11. Look, while I agree bashing your own team is a sense lees act I feel that "we" the fans also get stuck shouldering some of the responsibility of the poor decision making of our heroes. Being a "Boys" fan in the middle of Steeler territory is trying and I think we should have every right to voice our complaints. I know football has become big business, but wasn't it originally and ultimately designed for us... the fans