Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Should Stay, Who Should Go?

I don't know about the rest of the fans, but after a few weeks off I am already starting to feel recharged and I am really looking forward to next year. I needed a break after the endless drama this season, but looking at our roster it is hard not to get excited for the potential (again) next year. Of course we have coaching issues at this point, but I want to look at our roster and decide who we need to bring back and who we can do without. I am not listing every player, but what I see as the major decisions that need to be made this offseason.

Chris Canty: He is an extremely underrated player. He will never produce big stats in this defense but his size and athleticism would be very hard to replace. The big question is whether we can afford to bring him back. He seems to have very high contract demands.

Roy Williams (the safety): Since he is now a part time player he is going to have to renegotiate his contract and become a special teams monster or we can't justify keeping him. We have got to find another starting safety.

Tank Johnson: He can take his bad attitude to a new team. Have fun being a free agent, Tank. We all know how excited you are to be out of Dallas.

Miles Austin: We have to bring him back. If he can stay healthy next year he looks like he could be a breakout star...especially if T.O. is not here next year.

Adam Pacman Jones: Please go away! I am praying that Jerry Jones has learned his lesson on this thug.

Kevin Burnett: He always seems to make plays when he is on the field. Let's bring him back and let him start at the weak side LB next to Brady James. He deserves a shot.

Zach Thomas: He sure missed a lot of tackles this year. Maybe his age has caught up with him. He is a progress stopper. Let a younger guy (Burnett) have a chance.

Bobby Carpenter: Another player who needs to get a real chance to play. He has never had extensive playing time so it is hard to tell what we have. A few years ago he spied Michael Vick for an entire game and did a great job.

Greg Ellis: Bring him back only if he can stop whining and accept a role as a part time player. He really took a step back this year. Maybe age is catching up with him. Let Spencer start and Ellis come in to help rush on passing downs.

Brad Johnson: Give me a break. Brad, please retire.

Brooks Bollinger: After he settled down in the Giants game he was ok, just barely ok. We can keep him as one of our 3 QB's if we can't find someone better in free agency. Hopefully the third QB will be a mid to late round draft pick.

Terrell Owens: I will be happy either way on the T.O. decision. If he comes back then he needs to shut up and play. He needs to realize that he not the player he was 5 years ago and that the ball will be spread around the entire offense. He is no longer the number 1 option. The number 1 option should change depending on the play and situation since we have so many playmakers. I'm not sure if he can live with that.

Keith Davis: We have to bring this guy back to anchor the special teams. He is one of the few vocal leader we have.

Sam Hurd: He is a solid player. We need him back after all the time we have spent developing him. I don't see how we don't bring him back.


  1. Nice site. Agree with much of what you wrote. Only one suggestion: remove the PFT link... that site is garbage, not to mention anti-Cowboys.

  2. yeah i agree with jake, as much as im addicted to PFT ive discovered a new site. i think it blows PFT out of the water just straight news. i say we can ellis all the guy does is complain about his role when in reality he hasn't lived up to his round #1 draft pick. get lost greg

  3. i say jason Garett needs to go,where do you find a job were everyone you work with gets along with each other,look at what happen in the cards&Eagles game looks like we seen that some where but my point is there in the super bowl,so fire jason garrett !!