Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Cowboys Got a Good Deal With Olshansky

I did a little research on Igor Olshansky to try to figure out just what the Cowboys got when they signed him. The side-by-side comparison below seems to indicate that the Cowboys got a bargain replacement for Canty. Although the production of Olshansky is slightly lower than Canty, the overall run defense support is what is important. Both players were operating in the same Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme and it would appear that they are almost interchangeable in terms of size and the ability to support the run. I think Jerry Jones made a very good move for the Cowboys especially when you look at the impact each player has on his team's salary cap.


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  2. Canty is definately overrated. Igor is the smarter choice. I think the Giants will realize they overpayed for Canty.