Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Is So Great About the Wildcat Offense?

You would think based on all of the talk about the gimmick offense that the Miami Dolphins rolled out last season that this was the greatest offensive innovation in the history of football. What people seem to be forgetting is that the Dolphins went to the offense out of desperation because their offense was completely inept. The wildcat is not the answer to any one's prayers for the Dallas Cowboys. It would be a great change up to be used in a similar fashion as any trick play would be used, but to put any more stock into it than that would be a waste of the players on the roster.

Does anyone honestly believe that defensive coaches around the league have not already dissected the wildcat attack and figured out a way to shut it down? It was already losing its effectiveness as the season wore on. Do you want to put your franchise quarterback on the sidelines on a regular basis or, worse yet, line him up wide at receiver?

Us it as a change of pace once or twice a game, but any more than that would be a waste of the talent on the roster. The Cowboys have a top 5 NFL quarterback. His talents shouldn't be wasted on the sidelines or by lining him up at wide receiver. It is amazing to me that so many fans are buying into the media hype on the wildcat offense.

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  1. I am with you on the Wildcat Offense. I am so tired of these people who think the trick play is going to be effective. We are talking about the Dallas Cowboys! The Cowboys have always been a strong running team and we most definately have the personel on this years team to be effective running the ball. The one thing that frustrated me more than anything last year was the repeated running of the draw with Marion Barber. Yeah it worked a few times, even produced a huge touchdown run, but 9 times out of ten Marion was stopped for only a short gain. Let's stick with the power running game, get Felix in on 1st and 2nd down and return Marion the Barbarian to the role he earned a pro bowl appearance for.