Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Random Thoughts

Would the NFL be better or worse without Drew Rosenhaus? He is just so slimy. I guess it must be the money he makes that allows him to sleep at night. He reminds me a lot of Jerry Maguire early in that movie. One of the players Jerry Maguire represents gets arrested and you hear him telling the media "listen, there's no proof of anything except this guy is a sensational athlete." Doesn't that sound just like something Rosenhaus would say? I am surprised he is criticizing the Cowboys when he knows he will have to work with them in the future.

The Dallas Cowboys are now Tony Romo's team after the release of T.O. I can't imagine that Jerry Jones didn't consult with his franchise quarterback about a move of that magnitude. It is great news to hear that Tony is working 3 days a week before the official start of offseason workouts with Roy Williams so that they can get their timing down. They are setting a great example for the rest of the team to follow. The fact that they started working together weeks ago so that makes me wonder if they knew something back then about the T.O. decision. Some of the players seem skeptical about T.O.'s release so Tony is going to have to prove that they can succeed with out #81.

What is the deal with Keith Davis? It seems like re-signing him should be a no-brainer but the deal is still not done. Maybe all of his free agency visits are setting the market for his new contract in Dallas. I hope so because the Cowboys need a guy like him to lead the coverage units. He is fearless and truly relishes the knockout blows that he delivers on special teams.

I hear Pacman Jones got into a brawl during the filming of an episode of Pro's vs. Joe's. Cutting him was a great move but he never should have been a Dallas Cowboy to begin with. He is just a waste of humanity. It was a major mistake by Jerry Jones because Pacman has permanently tarnished the star. He will forever be referred to as "former Dallas Cowboy" Pacman Jones. That just disgusts me.

I'm glad to see that the team is addressing the gaping hole at safety on defense but I have major questions about Gerald Sensabaugh. Why didn't the Jaguars want him on their team any more if he is so good? Why were the Cowboys able to get him for such a bargain rate? What is the deal with all of his gun/driving issues? An AK-47...seriously? What would you need that for? He is a big question mark but at least the team didn't overpay if they end up having to cut him loose. I guess Jerry isn't worried about cleaning up the locker room anymore? See what I mean? A lot of unanswered questions.

Jay Cutler has finally wrestled the media attention away from the T.O./Dallas Cowboys saga. Thank you, Jay Cutler. I am actually watching ESPN once in a while again.

I hear there are rumors that the Cardinals are looking for a trade partner for Anquan Boldin. Let the speculation about the Cowboys begin. If Jerry was being honest the other day when he spoke about needing to get rid of T.O. so some other members of the offense could get more touches then there should be no moves by the Cowboys for Boldin. I don't think the offense needs him and a trade for him would put the offense right back where it started. There are plenty of weapons on offense already so I hope Jerry doesn't get into the Boldin sweepstakes.


  1. Are you kidding me? Boldin would be a great addition. With all of the other offensive weapons, we would be unstoppable. At least the Gmen wouldn't get him.

  2. I agree that we don't need Boldin, but this safety situation we definately disagree on. Keith Davis isn't very good. He is an ok defender and an above average tackler, but he isn't our answer at safety and our special teams wasn't all that good with him. Jerry needs to find some better players for the special teams unit. When people start to think that Keith Davis is the most valuable player on your special teams, it's a problem. I'm not sure if the special teams coach was fired, but he should be. Our coverage on punts were just terrible.

    You hit it right on the head about Gerald Sensabaugh. Jerry never seems to learn. Hopefully he is only around for one year.

    Another thing i wanna point out is that there is alot of chatter about Pat White in the draft. Don't we already have a player like him? Quarterback turned reciever...why would we even need White?

  3. I don't want Keith Davis for anything but to anchor the special teams. The Cowboys supposedly offered him the league minimum and I think that is exactly what we should pay a guy who would basically be the captain of the special teams. I would only want him on the defense as the 3rd string safety like he was last year. Unfortunately we had so many injuries at safety that he was forced onto the field.

  4. I am with you on Davis and Boldin, but I think the Sensabaugh pick up was a good one. His arrest were driving violations, nothing violent or heinous. The weapons, including the AK-47 were legally registered. So I don't see that as a big deal, it's not like he was out doing drive-by's. Even though he is a pro athlete he still has a constitutional right to own firearms right?
    As long as he stays out of trouble and works hard, I do not think his arrests will affect the team or locker room.

  5. I am not saying Sensabaugh is a bad move, just that I am nervous about it. He will have to prove himself every step of the way given his recent past. If Campo believes in him then he must have some talent and we can use all the help we can get at safety.

  6. Uhmmm, maybe you could rent the movie again and read the ending credits. You'll see that the character is based on Rosenhaus (wink).