Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final Thoughts Before the Draft

It sure seems like Jerry Jones is starting to loosen his grip on the general manager duties. More and more we are seeing Stephen Jones get publicly involved in major roster decisions. I get the feeling that the Terrell Owens move was the moment when Jerry finally gave in to his son and started to give him some control. T.O. went out of his way to point out that he believes it was Stephen who wanted him out. Good for Jerry for finally realizing he had too much on his plate if that is indeed what is going on. Some of the moves that have been made since the end of the season have been out of character for the Cowboys so it is hard to believe that Stephen isn't getting more of a say in the final decisions.

Now we just need to see a continuation of the decision making during the draft like we saw last season. If Jerry can keep from getting antsy while so many teams are making picks in front of him we can probably steal a few guys who slip down farther than expected. I wouldn't mind seeing the Cowboys move up a few spots to get one of the top safeties but I don't think it is necessary to sell the farm to try to make a splash during the draft. Sure, the Cowboys have 11 picks, but that in no way means that we need to package a bunch of them up to move way up to get one player. The more players we can draft the better the chances we'll have of getting a few hits although drafting 11 players does seem unrealistic.

With Miles Austin and Sam Hurd both finally locked up on one year deals we can all breathe just a little easier about the depth at wide receiver. I still want to see a guy drafted who can flat out fly down the field. I'm talking about a guy who has 4.2 or 4.3 speed and the ability to return punts. We haven't had a guy like that on this team in a long time. Patrick Crayton doesn't muff many punts but it would be nice to have a real threat returning punts rather than a guy who gets 5-10 yards every return.

I'm excited to see some new talent added to the roster. This weekend will be fun once the wait for the Cowboys to finally pick is over. You never know if one of the guys drafted this weekend will turn out to be one of the all-time greatest Dallas Cowboys.

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  1. I wish the Cowboys would just stick Felix on kick and punt returns. I think he's the best option. I'm sure they won't though because of the injury last year.