Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jason Witten Is The Best Tight End in the NFL

Not only is he the best tight end in the league, but he is a nice guy and he has quickly become my favorite player of all time. I plan on writing about what makes him the best tight end in the NFL in the next few days, but for now you can enjoy these video highlights. He is a class act and a great player. I wish we had more guys like him playing for the Dallas Cowboys.


  1. No doubt, best in the NFL and barring injury he may become the best all time when he finally hangs em up.

    Most definitely the toughest guy on the team.
    Sprained problem he's got another one. Broken problem, he lets his play do the talking. Broken problem he's got plenty more. No problem who needs one anyway.

  2. I think there is no doubt that Witten will be in the top 5 of tight ends when he's done. He's already the best tight end in Cowboys history, which says alot. I'm only 21 so I've never seen Ditka and only saw a little of Sharpe. Witten is the best tight end I've ever seen. Great hands, even better blocking ability. As you said.."a class act."