Thursday, June 25, 2009

T.O. Is the Victim Once Again

Just as he has done in his two previous stops, Terrell Owens is now portraying himself as the victim in his release from the Cowboys. Big surprise. We all saw in his three years with the Cowboys that nothing was ever his fault. In San Francisco it was Jeff Garcia's fault. In Philadelphia it was Donovan McNabb's fault. And now in Dallas it is Tony Romo and Jerry Jones. I sense a trend there. I'm guessing it will be Trent Edwards next.

Just throw him the ball on every play and the Cowboys will win every game, right? Well, they tried forcing him the ball this season and it resulted in interception after interception from Tony Romo. Over one half of Romo's interceptions last season came on passes intended for Terrell Owens. The elite receivers in the league beat press coverage and double coverage regularly, but Owens has lost something over the last few years and he can no longer do it consistently. Don't tell him that because he'll tell you that it is everyone but him. Amazing. Everyone in the world is wrong about him in his warped mind.

The garbage that Owens is spewing while in Dallas this week is exactly why he was run out of town. There is no doubt that the Cowboys will miss him this season, but I am a firm believer that the team gains more than it loses by running him out of town. The worst part of T.O. is the fact that he has a tendency to undermine the leadership of the team. He won't allow any players to become true leaders because he refuses to follow anyone. Younger players see that and, unfortunately, think that T.O.'s behavior is something to be copied. I just hope they got rid of him before he permanently damaged the attitude of any other players on the team.


  1. Et tu romo2witten?

    I was hoping to not read about T.O. the Buffalo Bill here like the media outlets who keep talking/writing bout over and over and over again.

    I'm sure I'm in the minority but I didnt have a problem with T.O....I'm convinced the injuries (especially to Romo) were the reason we didnt make the playoffs more so than T.O.'s antics/ego. But he's gone now...time to move on.

  2. Sorry beWARE...I couldn't resist due to T.O. overexposure this week. Between Superstars and having him back in Dallas running his mouth it was too much to handle without a little venting on my part. I agree about moving on but I don't want anyone to believe that Romo is at fault in this mess. I'll try to resist in the future, but I feel the need to defend my team against his attacks.

  3. Understood...and it's your blog so vent as you wish.

  4. I was against the signing of T.O. from the beginning. The initials fit him perfectly, they stand for Tossed Out.