Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Remember This?

This video reminded me how different the Cowboys were at the start of the 2008 season before the injury bug hit. There is still plenty of talent on the offense to dominate. Felix Jones and Marion Barber may be the best tandem of running backs in the league in 2009. The offensive line needs to maul people at the line. I love the Felix Jones TD run against the Packers. Look out next season!


  1. I want to see a whole lot more of that this year. If they can both stay healthy this year...and with Choice thrown in there for good measure I expect a whole lot of big runs and big TD's.

    Smash, Dash, and Tash.

  2. I expect to see a lot more of it this season. The video got my heart pumping a little. I figure we can all use something to fill the void right now in the slowest time of the offseason.

  3. Wow that was a great video. NFL needs to start today. That was the first time to see those TD's against the Eagles, we had just come back from the hurricane evacuation and didn't have power. I had to listen to it on the radio, it sounded like the greatest game ever and I missed it.