Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Win This Week Will Put the Cowboys Back on the Map

Things have been relatively quiet for the Cowboys since early in the offseason. Training camp was uneventful and the preseason was the same. It seems like the Cowboys are flying under the radar. Most "experts" are writing them off and even the win against Tampa Bay did little to earn back much respect from the national media. I love the silence, but it might be ending very soon.

While some people may relish the attention the Cowboys usually receive I think the newfound team focus is partially due to the fact that the team has been able to only worry about football. Unfortunately, a win this week would probably change all that. For whatever reasons that I can't completely understand, the Giants have been picked as the frontrunners to represent the NFC in the Superbowl this season. If the Cowboys can go out and slay the "mighty" Giants then people are going to take notice of the Cowboys again.

I wouldn't go so far to call it a statement game since we are only entering week 2, but it certainly could help the Cowboys regain their confidence which is still shaky after last season's December fade. This game is important because it is a division game, its the first game in the new stadium, and it can get the Cowboys off to a 2-0 start. It really isn't a must win game but it really could be a game we look back on in December and realize that it was very important in the overall playoff picture...assuming the Cowboys are in the picture at that point. I believe they will be. You need to win these home division games if you expect to be in the playoff picture.

If the Cowboys can shut Brandon Jacobs' mouth, and, more importantly, shut down his running game they will have a great chance to win the game. They will have to play better than they did against the Bucs but it is a winnable game. If they find a way to win the national media will surely change their tune and tab the Cowboys as playoff contenders. I hope the Cowboys can maintain the same workmanlike approach if and when the national expectations are raised again.


  1. good article...question? anybody know about the party pass. I am going to be at the game on sun night and am wondering if i could just go to the 50 yard line and stand on the rails behind the seats and watch???

  2. I live in Giant country so It makes it a even bigger game for me. My kids don't want to go to school the next day if we lose. Yes I made those poor kids cowboy fans. It's the only way I would let them live with me. If Romo can hold on to the ball and we can run the ball. We will win I hope we don't have to watch the G-men party on our new field like the Raven did on old one. Go Boys blow them out Final 28 to 10 the boys

  3. Two quick things about this team.

    1. Is Felix Jones injury prone? In a little bit, it might be time to ask that question seriously. I have a feeling that if he thinks he is a little less than 100%, he won't go. Choice could turn out to make a huge difference.

    2. Did anyone see the piece where Romo was mic'd up for the Bucs game? Go to NFL.com and it will be there somewhere. It gave me a lot of hope that he is actually become the leader he needs to be.