Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time for a Quality Win

I'd like to believe the Cowboys have figured a few things out over the last few weeks. They have had two weeks to prepare for a team that is young but very talented. The Cowboys have three wins but they have all come against teams that aren't exactly spectacular. They had a real chance to beat the Giants and the Broncos but they didn't get the job done down the stretch. If the Cowboys really want to be a playoff contender then they are going to have to beat some quality teams this year. They need to start this week.

Winning would not only prove that the Cowboys are capable of beating playoff-caliber teams, but it would also establish the first winning streak of the season. So far they have alternated wins and losses over the first five games. I mentioned before the Chiefs game that this stretch of games would give them a great opportunity to rip off three or four wins in a row. That can only happen with a quality win in the game on Sunday.

Tony Romo tends to play well in these types of regular season games. The Cowboys are over due for a good game across the board. I mean good play on offense, defense and special teams all in one game. They should have basically their full complement of players for the Atlanta game. Felix Jones should be back with a knee brace, Gerald Sensabaugh will play with a cast, Marion Barber will have a cast on his newly discovered broken thumb, and Roy Williams should be close to 100%. A lot of these guys are playing injured but having the starters at 80-90% is better than some of the backups getting steamrolled.

I don't think any of us know what to expect any more from this year's team. But if they are ever going to make a legitimate run into the playoffs then they are going to have to start putting together some quality wins. This week is as good as any for them to put everything together.


  1. If they come out and get off to a slow start, they've learned nothing. The redzone will have to be better this game as well, we can't kick field goals. These 'Boys need to get good quick, they could make up a lot of room these next 5 games or so.

  2. I dunno our back ups aren't too bad. They might play with heart. Maybe we should let the injured sit out for awhile until they figure out that they aren't gauranteed to play :). To me 1 thing will make the difference and thats if the boys get fired up and start knockin some heads in. If they can manage to get fired up.... game over red rover.. or well.. black falcon.

  3. the whole team needs to start playing with brookin's intensity. and romo needs to remember what it was like to play the game when it was "fun". haven't seen that goofy grin of his in awhile. he needs to get back to just enjoying the game of football and relax a little.