Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Cowboys Will Win This Week

I don't normally deal in absolutes when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. But they will win this week. Had they won against the Packers last week I might feel differently. But the Cowboys can't afford to drop another game. The Redskins may have pulled off an upset last week but, let's be honest, their season is essentially over. The desperate team usually wins in the NFL. The Cowboys have more to play for and more motivation after what happened last week.

At the beginning of the week I thought this might be one of those last-minute/last play of the game type of wins, but I'm getting a different vibe this week. I know they players are saying that last week is over and they have moved on. But we all know they were embarrassed by the way they played and they are determined to prove it was just a hiccup and not an indication of what type of team that they really are. I'm not saying the Cowboys are going to win by 30 but I do think it will be very obvious that the Cowboys are the better team on Sunday.

Jason Campbell is in for a long day. Clinton Portis is out, Chris Cooley is out and Albert Haynesworth is highly questionable with an ankle injury. All signs point to a big win by Dallas and I think we will see exactly that. I predict a final score of 27-13 and the game won't seem as close as that score sounds.


  1. I hope you are right about this one. I'm a native Texan, grew up in Dallas, but living up in Skins land now, and the fans up here are excited for this one. Portis is not a fan favorite, and most of the Skins faithful are happy to see him missing extended time. Betts filled in for Portis to end the 2006 season and rattled off 5 straight 100 yard games, and did the same last week. The Boys need to stick with the run, and as the Broncos showed last week, the big pass over the top will be there for Austin or Crayton.

  2. You might be interested in this; it broke for the first time today: