Monday, November 23, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Wow, I almost ate my words. I was absolutely convinced the Cowboys were not only going to win, but that they would dominate yesterday. I was right about the win but very wrong about they way it happened. There were some positives to be taken away from the game regardless of what you hear from ESPN or the Dallas media. Here is what I took away from the game.

The Good: I saw a team that found a way to win when it seemed they were destined to lose. The Cowboys had no business winning that game. I know the team last year would have lost. This team seems to have learned what it takes to make the play when the game is on the line. Whatever plays weren't made at the end of the Denver game were made with the game on the line. The defense was great all day long even though they were under tremendous pressure all game long due to the offensive struggles. The Cowboys found a way to win when Tony Romo had a bad game. I don't know if I've ever seen them win when he plays so bad. And the defense stepped up and finished the game off when the Redskins got the ball back after the Cowboys touchdown. Like I've said before, winning is a habit.

The Bad: The offense struggled to put points on the board for the second game in a row. It seemed as though Jason Garrett over-corrected the lack of running game. It was great that they ran the ball so well but you have to make a big play here or there to put points on the board. Tony Romo is still struggling to connect with Roy Williams. Nick Folk is not making the big kicks like he used to do with regularity. It seems like the kicks he has missed have been in moments that could have made a big difference in the game.

The Ugly: Tony Romo did not look good. I am more concerned about his mechanics than anything else. Troy Aikman didn't point out what was obvious to me during the game. Tony Romo is not setting his feet and squaring his shoulders before he throws. It kind of reminds me of how his mechanics fell apart at the end of last season. I hope it was just due to injured back, but bad mechanics are going to lead to a lot of high, off-target passes. I wonder if he has lost trust in his offensive line. It is a correctable problem, but we all know that sometimes the coaching staff seems to let things go that should be addressed. Even worse than that is the play calling by Jason Garrett. He seems to have a real problem finding a balance between the passing game and the running game. One game it is all passing and the next is all running. That would be fine if points were being scored but when the offense is struggling you have to change things on the fly. I hope he finds a balance soon.

I'm going to look at the glass as half full after that win. And let's not forget it was a win against a division opponent which is big no matter how you get the W. Last time the Cowboys barely beat a team they were supposed to dominate they went on a four game winning streak. Let's hope this win propels them on another tear. Another three or four game streak would nearly clinch a playoff appearance. They have to get the streak going with a win against the Raiders.

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  1. This team has so many decent players that they are having trouble finding out who is hot each game. There isn't anyone with outstanding talent the way there was with Owens. I still like this team, but am very concerned. The O-line still isn't giving Romo enough time and the run blocking isn't where it was at the start of the season. If big Albert was in the middle that game, we wouldn't have had the same kind of running game. Our defense is doing good overall, but they need to actually get sacks instead of hits after the throw. Our blitz packages are awful most of the time. I don't understand how you can send 7 people and not get to the quarterback. Anyways...hopefully they can get back on track against those Raiders. If not, it might be a long December.