Monday, November 30, 2009

Cowboys Need to Prove They Learned from Packers Loss

The script for the game Sunday seems very familiar. The Giants are on the ropes. The New York media is blasting them for their play, Eli Manning is injured, Antonio Pierce is out for the season, Brandon Jacobs is soft, the defense is a mess, and on and on. All signs point to the Giants rolling over for the Cowboys.

But we all know that isn't what happens when teams play the Cowboys. The Giants are playing to save their season. And they are playing the Cowboys so you know they will be on an emotional high for the game. They are going to give everything they have and probably play their best game of the season.

So the Cowboys need to prove they are a better team than the Giants. The Cowboys have a tall order this week. Not only are they trying to deliver the death blow to the Giant's season but they are also trying to do it on the road. Just like the Green Bay game a few weeks ago.

I don't know if anyone can really predict how the Cowboys will perform this week but I do think the Cowboys will be mentally prepared for what they are going to face. They know this time they are walking into a hornet's nest. And the Cowboys don't need any extra motivation to get up for the Giants.

The bottom line is that the Cowboys need to win games like this one if they have any hope to win a playoff game. You have to be able to beat a team that will do anything to win. I'm hoping that the Green Bay taught the Cowboys a lesson. Teams don't go quietly, especially a recent Super Bowl champion. I keep thinking of the Karate Kid this week. Sweep the leg.


  1. As Cowboys fan since '72, I totally agree

  2. hell yeah. we need to hitem where it hurts and kickem when theyre down if we wanna win. no mercy this time. Big D needs to step it up a notch and go in for the kill or we can say bye bye to the playoffs. ive been a fan since 2000 but thats because im only 18 going on 19

  3. I predict a big win this week.....something like 35 - 7.....and after the big win then we will see what this team is made of as we face San Deigo and the New Orleans....


  4. I watched the Patriots/Saints game last night. I can't figure out if New Orleans is just that good or if the Patriots are really that bad?

  5. Getting through this week won't be any relief either. The Cowboys are capable but the question is whether they will show up with their heads on straight or not? I hope so. We need to get as much momentum going into the NO game. Great site. Go Cowboys.