Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Best Win in Years

My heart is still racing from the dramatic finish. But the magnitude of that win can't be overstated. That was the best win by the Dallas Cowboys since 2006 when they took down the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. Tony Romo played great. The defense kept one of the best offenses in NFL history to just 17 points. Demarcus Ware went from being carted off the field last week to playing like a defensive MVP this week. And they won when nearly everyone, including me, was expecting a loss.

So is the season saved? Not entirely, but that win gives the Cowboys a great shot to make the playoffs. They still might need to win out to secure a playoff birth depending on what the Giants do over the last three weeks, but they are in a much better spot now then they were a few hours ago. The only way this win really changes anything is if the great play continues for the rest of the season. There is no telling where this win will take them, but it gives them a great chance to get on a roll heading into the playoffs if they make it.

The only really bad moments in the game involved Roy Williams and Nick Folk. The Cowboys were still up by 14 points with the ball in the 4th quarter when Roy Williams dropped a sure first down on a slant route. The win may have been a lot easier if they could have at least milked more time off the clock. The Nick Folk field goal had to seal his fate. I have no confidence in him and I was saying on the last drive it was going to come down to him to seal the game. Sure enough it did. And sure enough he missed a field goal a high school kicker makes 95% of the time. That was ridiculous.

They can't wait for Folk to work through his problems anymore. They need to find a new kicker right now. He nearly lost the game tonight and the Cowboys had to fight to the end because he couldn't do his job.

I said heading into this game that the fans deserved to see their team win a big game. We've all waited a long time and we were overdue for a big win like the game tonight. Let's just hope it isn't another flash of greatness to be followed by a disappointing late season collapse. This year feels different than the last few. I might be drinking the kool-aid but I feel like they finally turned the corner tonight. We'll find out over the next two weeks.


  1. It's blowing my mind right now. I give you lots of credit for still being behind this team when I didn't give them a chance. A great win for the Cowboys. Great blog, and let's hope there are more wins like these.

    Side note - where was Roy Williams?

  2. Was gonna make the same observation. On that last drive where they "should" have iced it with a chip shot, Roy was watching from the bench, wasn't he? I think it's time to give Jason Elam a flight down to Dallas.

    Romo playing great this December, despite being 1-2! Almost 1000 yds, 6 TD, 0 INT.

  3. HAHA excellent win.....Maybe you predicting a loss was a "reverse jinx"

  4. HUGE win and was certainly not expecting it either. Maybe that's how we need to approach it from now on. Another big one next week in Wash. Hopefully with the short week for them and extra day off for the boys - we can use that as a benefit and stay hot. It would be real nice if the niners and skins could pull off upsets today and tomorrow night.

  5. I want Nick Folk out of there in three days. I'm hoping maybe we could get Jason Elam. Other than that, I am just shocked, excited, and pumped up for the Super Bowl!

  6. The game wasn't shown in Israel but when I woke up to find the score, I wasn't happy because I expected it! Yes, I expected the Cowboys to win. As you mentioned in this post, this isn't the same Cowboys team. There are leaders on this team, and it starts with the QB - who's matured tremendously this season. Wonderful performance despite Roy's drop & Folk's last kick as a Cowboy ... Let's see them continue this against the 'Skins ...