Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is This a Big Game?

The reason I ask the question is because I believe the Cowboys will win on Sunday against the Giants. Something tells me that even if the Cowboys win the game it will be downplayed because the Giants have struggled over the last two months. But if the Cowboys happen to lose the game you can bet that the panic surrounding the team will be at an all-time high.

So why the double standard? Well, part of the problem is the performance of the team in some of the biggest games over the last few years. They didn't get the job done when the moment came for the team to take the next step. But I don't believe that recent history will dictate what will happen with the team this season. No matter how many December games the Cowboys win, even if they go 5 for 5, you can be sure that the doubters will still be everywhere until the Cowboys manage to win a playoff game.

The good news is that the Cowboys are certainly aware of how the last two seasons have ended. But that history should serve as all the motivation the team needs to make things different this time around. Tony Romo is a different quarterback this season. He is protecting the ball while still finding a way to make big plays. The defense has been making big plays in the 4th quarter of games to close teams out. And, more than anything else, they are healthy this season.

So, with all that said, is the game Sunday a big game? Yes it is. And so is the San Diego game. And so are New Orleans, Washington and Philadelphia (the Philly game is actually in January). They are all big games in December. And the Cowboys probably won't win all of the games, but I'm sure they will win at least a couple of them. Any win in December is a big win. The media will downplay any win and over-react to any loss. We all know its coming. But I think the difference this year will be what happens in January. Winning a playoff game is the only way everyone will be convinced the Cowboys can win a "big game."


  1. The Cowboys have the talent to beat everyone except the Saints. If they do that then the critics will soften a little, but it's all about the playoffs. December is important, but if they go 2-3 but make the playoffs and win a playoff game, it will be a huge monkey off their backs.

  2. I think they can even beat the Saints. No team is unbeatable. To beat the Saints I think the Cowyboys would need to rely heavily on their running game and control the clock. If they can run the ball well that will open up short passes underneath. On the flip side, the defense needs to get to Brees, and often, don't let him get comfy. I think they've got the talent to do this.

  3. I won't be able to get the Saints game because I think it's on NFL Network, and I'm glad. If the Cowboys beat the Saints, I'll cut my leg off.

  4. I hate NFL Network. I don't get NFL Network either with my cable provider and I'm not paying the extra money a month for another provider that carries it. It's not worth it for just one channel. I don't think NFL Network should be allowed to televise live games. I think the channel should be more of an ESPN type channel, maybe showing some older games, NFL highlights, classics etc.