Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Cowboys Are Backed Into a Corner

I've been searching for something positive to say about the Cowboys for a couple of days. Positive news is hard to come by right now and when you are 0-2 there really shouldn't be much to say that is positive.

"Fans" are breaking both legs jumping off the bandwagon. That is absolutely fine with me. Isn't it amazing that the "fans" of the Cowboys who are loud and obnoxious and give all the real fans a bad reputation are the same ones who give up on the team at the drop of a hat? The only thing I have to say to those people is don't try to act like you've been faithful all along when the Cowboys break out of this funk.

Yes, I said it. The Cowboys will break out of this funk. They are a talented team. They have looked awful for the last two games but I just cannot believe that they are really this bad. A team doesn't go from what they were last season to absolutely awful in one offseason. The Cowboys are too talented to keep losing. They will start winning and I expect them to start performing up to their potential on Sunday.

You can criticize the coaching. It has been bad. You can criticize the players. Most of them have been inconsistent. But, again, did the Cowboys really go from one of the top teams in the NFL last season to one of the worst so fast? They way they have played says yes, but watching them you can see they are capable of so much more. The Cowboys just need to get out of their own way.

The turnovers need to stop. The penalties need to stop coming at key moments. The inconsistent playcalling on offense needs to be simplified. And the defense needs to play more aggressively. And the kicker...he just needs to make his field goals.

By digging an 0-2 hole the Cowboys have been forced to take a hard look in the mirror. It is obvious that Jason Garrett is trying to do too much offensively. Jason Garrett needs to stop trying to run every play in the playbook every game. Get rid of the stupid wildcat if you are only going to run one play out of it. Run what is working and throw out the plays that aren't no matter how good they look on paper.

And the defense needs to force a turnover already. The defense had the exact same problem at the start of the season last year. I know the forced turnovers are limited by Wade Phillips' bend but don't break defensive philosophy. This team needs momentum changing plays from the defense and they needs them now. Wade got scared off by the Bears last week because they burned the defense on a few blitzes. The defense is built to blitz. Bring the heat on the quarterback!

The Cowboys are like a wounded dog backed into a corner. I don't think you want to play a team with their talent level when they have their backs against the wall. The last time the Cowboys were in a situation like this all they did was go out and end the Saints undefeated season last year. I think you will see that team this week.

And if we don't see that team...well, I can't let myself go there right now. My mind and my heart are in agreement this week. The Cowboys are too talented and experienced to let the season slip away already. The Texans better be ready for the real Dallas Cowboys this week.


  1. I Agree, I will never give up on the cowboys. I think that they played better than in Washington and that they will light it up against the Texans. I am not trying to say we will go 14-2 but I think we will surprise some folks with wins over Good teams like the colts or packers. They have the defense to stop them, Look at the eagles who stopped the packers offense & our Defense is much better. I am just saying, we will get it together and if we don't o well. I will support the cowboys even if they go 0-16. Nice writeup. I agree 100%.

  2. I'm with you both! I'll be at the Houston game, proudly wearing my colors! Win, or (please, no!) lose, I'm a Cowboys fan. Have been since 1961 (I just liked the name, and didn't know what an "Oiler" was)). Go Cowboys!!

  3. This is what it means to be Cowboys fan. Heart ache and head ache and little moments of glory.


  4. Also let's not forget the constant teasing that is borderline harassment from coworkers and friends. If your really lucky your family will step in occasionally for the smack talk.

    Defending the star: Not an easy job but a rewarding one.

  5. This is my favorite website by far. Always a breath of fresh air. Never DOOM and GLOOM, always whats at the end of the rainbow! Lets go Boys!

  6. For all of you Defending the stars fans. Go back to last year and look at the situation we were in. Then this year and look at the situation we are in. Really not that big of a difference :D.

    Don't believe the hype. We have a good team with good players but they are late blossomers every year.

    BTW there are some good articles to read on the right. Texans, 'What about us? What about our team? I'm not scared of the Cowboys.'

    Hard to be in big brother's shadow >:)