Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A 2-0 Start Would Be Sweet

The Cowboys received no favors from the NFL schedule makers when they were given two road NFC games to start the season.  An 0-2 start could have put the Cowboys in a big hole that would have been hard to get out of.  But now the Cowboys are staring at the very real possibility of a 2-0 start against NFC opponents with one of those victories being a division win.

Winning NFC games doesn't seem like a big deal right now but it will be towards the end of the season if the Cowboys end up in a fight for a wild card spot.  I would love to say we should expect the Cowboys to win more games at home than they do at the road, but the Cowboys haven't exactly been world beaters at home since moving into the new stadium.

So that means that the Cowboys need to rack up wins any way they can get them.  And Seattle is a decent team but, let's be honest, it is a team the Cowboys should beat if they expect to be a playoff contender. 

As much as I enjoyed the win last week against the Giants I have come to the realization that it was only one game.  Who knows, the win against the Giants could turn out to be the best the Cowboys play all year long.  The Cowboys are still a long way from proving that they can consistently play good football on offense and defense for 60 minutes every week.

Another solid performance will start to convince everyone, including the players themselves, that the Cowboys are for real this year.  The defense should go into the Seattle game with a lot of confidence after controlling the game against the Giants.  The offense put up a lot of yards and scored plenty of points, but there are still very big questions about the quality of the offensive line.

I would hate to think that the Cowboys could go into the Seattle game overconfident but it is a real possibility.  So much of the focus for the Cowboys in the offseason was on beating the Giants that you can see how easily there could be a letdown after the big week 1 win.  This will be the first of many tests for Jason Garrett this season to find out if he can teach his team to handle success.


  1. I agree that it would be fantastic to have such a great start fot the dallas cowboys. They did okay last season, but I really think that they will manage to pull it through this year.

  2. I also agree... I really can't believe the boys would go into Seattle over confident... I believe there has been a major shift in the demeanor of this years team... Whether it's due to the coaching staff, the locker room, last year's disapointment, or some combination thereof, but you could see it on the field... If the Cowboys can continue to play as good, or better, as they played the Giants then this team will go all the way!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!