Monday, September 17, 2012

What a Disaster

Total domination.  That is the only way to describe what happened yesterday.  The Seahawks were better in every phase of the game.  The Cowboys flat out got their butts kicked.

I'm officially done with Felix Jones.  He set the tone for the day by fumbling the opening kickoff.  And, on the final play of the game, he had nothing but green grass and blockers in front of him and he just tripped over his own feet to end the game.  He isn't the only reason the Cowboys lost, but he certainly deserves a big part of the blame.

Jason Witten played his worst game as a pro.  He dropped three passes and you might even be able to say four.  He missed two blitz adjustments on his routes and he ran the wrong route on the play that resulted in a Tony Romo interception.  It was just a disaster for him.  I don't know what was going on with Witten but I have no doubt it will be the last time we ever see him play like that again.

Dez Bryant joined in by playing the worst game of his young career as well.  He dropped two passes, muffed a punt, and fumbled while fighting for an extra yard on a 2 yard pass.  I have no idea what was wrong with Dez's hands yesterday but maybe he needs to get some new gloves.  Bryant was terrible.

Tony Romo threw an awful interception that didn't cost the Cowboys points but it was terrible.  On the play Witten ran the wrong route which forced Romo to hesitate and scramble for time.  Instead of throwing the ball away and moving on to the next play he forced the ball late across the middle to Witten.  The ball was intercepted and what was going to be at least a three point drive for the Cowboys turned into zero points.  Romo shouldn't be making mistakes like that anymore at this point in his career.

Rob Ryan's defensive game plan had me very confused.  Russell Wilson showed last week that he struggles against the blitz in the passing game.  So what did Rob Ryan do?  Rush three and drop back in coverage.  What???  I'll never understand what caused that game plan.

The defense was pretty stout in the first half considering the constant stress they were under thanks to poor offense and special teams play.  But they wore down in the second half and the Seahawks ran all over them.  It didn't help that both starting safeties were lost for the day. 

I found a few things to be happy about with this game.  First, as ugly as it was, it only counts as one loss.  The Cowboys didn't lose anyone for the season.  Ask the Redskins how they are feeling after not only losing but also losing Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan for the season and it will make you feel a little better.  In a way it is almost better to lose by 20 than to lose by 3 points.  There is no fooling yourself into thinking it was one play here or there if you are the Cowboys.  You got your asses kicked.  Improvements need to be made across the board. 

I have lost all respect for Golden Tate.  Sure, he lit up Sean Lee on that hit.  But his celebration after a cheap shot was one of the worst displays of poor sportsmanship you'll ever see.  I think he should be suspended not only for the hit but for the disgusting display he put on after the play while Sean Lee was laying on the ground.  Golden Tate should be ashamed of his behavior but something tells me he isn't.

The good news is that it was only week 2.  The sky isn't falling yet.  It was a road loss.  An ugly loss but, again, just one game.  I'm not totally surprised the Cowboys are 1-1.  I just thought it would have been reversed in terms of the games won.  The Seahawks were much better than I expected.  And the Cowboys can't play worse than they did.  Let's just hope that was a one time performance by the Cowboys.


  1. We give you what they boys did and how we feel about it right here come check it out and enjoy!

  2. Time to push the panic button yet ?

  3. I don't know. My daughter was watching ESPN, she loves the Cowboys. She was saying they was all saying Dallas was the same ole teams as years gone by, etc.. I told her, ESPN is one of the biggest Dallas haters there are and don't pay them any mind. And she says, "Daddy, so what do you think"? I told her that if we can go into the bye week 3-1, we are not the same ole team. But anything less, we are what we are.

    As I read R2W's blog, which I always enjoy reading, he was right, there wasn't nothing good about the Seattle game. However, our defense still held their offense to only 17 points, 14 really, think the one turn over was right there in field goal range. So, if we can hold every game to 14 points, I would take that every gamge.

    So, time will tell, if they are the "New and Improved" Cowboys or the same ole 500 team.

    Just my opinion


    P.S. Don't click on that knucklehead AceSmith link. Thats just not cool what he does on this blog. my 2 cents!!!

  4. Well hell, I was also taken in by the Cowboys big win against the Giants in week one thinking that we would be 2-0 after this game... I am happy that at least we got the division win instead of a conference win... I really thought this team had turned the corner finally... Is it time to push the panic button??? No, it is only the second game of the year and there is still plenty of football left to go and I really don't believe they will have another melt down like they did against Seattle...

  5. I saw a team still glowing from their win over the Giants. I was scared to death of this game early on after the way Seattle lost in week one, but I conned myself into thinking that 11 days was enough time to get the NY win out of their system and focus on the Seahawks. Nope.

    My biggest concern was the way Dallas didn't retaliate on the hit to Lee. Tate needed to have been taught a lesson and he was totally let off the hook, at least for this game.

  6. I fully expect a 1-2 team. The Bucs already nailed the boys once last year. The Bucs seem to play an amazingly good game against the Cowboys. I'm really afraid we are going to reach the quagmire stage of ass kicking that we received when Wade Phillips was HC. I think the difference will be that we will win the important games against the 'good' teams. And we will lose to the teams that the Cowboys think they are better than. So we will beat the Saints and the Steelers. But then turn around and lose to the Redskins.

    I hope the above isn't true. But it's just their pattern. It's one of those hard weeks to be a Cowboys fan.

  7. I found a few things to be happy about with this game. First, as ugly as it was, it only counts as one loss. The Cowboys didn't lose anyone for the season. Agreed!

  8. The bucs got killed by the cowboys last year, what game did you watch? Not only do I expect this cowboys team to beat the bucs but they have a great shot to get into the bye at 3-1 which wont be easy but i dont think chicago is that great a team. our defense has been outstanding this year and alot of the points scored by seattle were from short fields on special teams turnovers, cut those down and we have a great shot to be a special team this year

  9. thanks for sharing..