Monday, March 23, 2009

Thansgiving Game - Cowboys vs. Raiders

It probably seems like small news to most fans but any news on the schedule is big news to me and my family. The Cowboys will play the Raiders on Thanksgiving this year at 3:15 CST. That is the usual time slot but the big news for me is the opponent. First, it would appear that this will be a winnable game given the current state of both teams. And secondly, on a personal note, there is a good chance that I will be able to call a good friend who is a die hard Raiders fan on Thanksgiving Day to rub it in after the Cowboys tear them up. Most importantly to my family, this could and should mean a happy holiday after a Cowboys' win.

I don't know about all of you, but my personal life is dictated by the Cowboys starting in August. I am fortunate to have a wife that understands that, so the sooner I can get the schedule the sooner I can start negotiating bye week plans and choosing games that I will attend. I wish I could afford tickets for all of the games, but it is so expensive that I have to choose two or three based on matchups and holiday travel plans.

I know the full schedule is not usually released until closer to the draft, but I hope we can get more information soon about the 2009 schedule. The only bad thing about schedule news is that having a date and time for the games reminds me how far away the season still is. We still have almost 6 months to wait for the opening game. That is just depressing to think about.

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  1. You guys will choke. We've had worse teams (2005) and still beat you guys. The cowgirls have been trying to build a super bowl team and can't. A billion dollar stadium (which is badass, I've seen it in person) will help. I don't know what more fustrating, being consistantly terrible ( us since our super bowl choke job against tampa) or choking because Jessica Simpson had Romo's junk on lock. Either way it sucks. In the end the Cowboys are basically the same as the Raiders... watching Super Bowls instead of being in them.