Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still a Slight Stench from Last Season

Over the last couple of weeks two of the names that I thought would be gone for good have resurfaced for the Dallas Cowboys. Of course I am talking about Terrell Owens and Pacman Jones. The locker room troublemakers from last season just won't go away quietly like I had hoped they would. I guess I was dreaming to think you could cut the cord with guys like that and think you wouldn't hear from them again.

The T.O. blame game played out just as you would expect but I thought maybe he would go away quietly this time since he claimed to have such a good relationship with his quarterback. As usual with #81 he left the team and is now bashing his quarterback, his coaches and the owner. It is always everyone else's fault when it comes to the T.O. circus. He is just proving that the Cowboys were right to ship him out. Thank goodness Tony Romo is smart enough to stay out of a war of words with T.O. He has caused enough distraction to the team and it is time to move on.

The Pacman release was announced in January but he is still hanging around Dallas and doing just enough to keep his name in the press. Jerry Jones didn't do anyone any favors by mentioning his name over the weekend. There is no way that you can justify bringing that embarrassment back under any circumstances. He proved he was unreliable off the field and he was not an enough of an impact player on the field to justify dealing with his problems.

I know this stuff is going to fade over time but it is really aggravating that months after these guys were released we are still forced to hear talk about them. They will both be forever linked with the Dallas Cowboys which is a sickening thought to me. I'd prefer that everyone could handle things with class and professionalism, but some of the players in the NFL are not capable of that. Jerry Jones made some deals with the devil when he brought these guys in and now we will all have to deal with it for years to come.


  1. Unless Jerry Jones was seriously considering bringing back Pacman, he shouldn't have said what he did. Huge mistake. As far as T.O. goes, it has been quiet compared to his other departures. One thing i'll say about Romo though, I want him to show some fire. Maybe not about the T.O. situation, but about something. He needs to be a leader and a voice that everyone listens to, i'm not sure he's at that point.

  2. I'm not sure Romo is the type of guy who will step up and lead the team with his voice. He has had 2 years to do it and he doesn't seem comfortable in that role. I think we need to hope someone else fills that role.

  3. I personally thought pacman had a lousy season. But recently I've read a couple of articles that say the Cowboys' coaching staff graded his performance last season as best of all our cornerbacks. Even Newman, who played poorly at times due to nagging injuries. (Making me yell "Newman!" at my TV in my Seinfeld voice several times throughout the year.) I'm sure JJ is conflicted about bringing him back. I think ultimately the talent we expect to have at CB would give him reason to be unsure if pacman could even break the starting lineup though. Phillips et a.

  4. * Phillips et al seem to think we have a top notch group this year already.