Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Get Carried Away Worrying About the Wildcat/Razorback Offense

It seems like every time I read something about the offseason work the Cowboys are doing I read something about the current fad in offensive schemes in the NFL, the Wildcat (also known as the Razorback). The media seems to be in love with the idea of this attack probably mostly because there is a catchy name attached to it. For one game last season the Dolphins made the Patriots defense look foolish, but after that the results were pedestrian at best.

When it was a surprise to defenses the offense was extremely successful. As soon as defenses started preparing during the week the results instantly dropped off. So now teams have had an entire offseason to prepare. You can't expect great results on a consistent basis when the defense knows how to defend against your attack. And it takes the most dynamic player in the Cowboys offense, Tony Romo, essentially out of the play. That doesn't seem like a very sound offensive strategy to me. Although any plays that involve Felix Jones need to be considered as part of the attack. But you don't take the ball out of Romo's hands too much or you lose the big pass play threat.

Two to four plays a game at most might end up incorporating the Wildcat/Razorback offensive attack. But that doesn't mean the entire offense is going to be restructured for this attack. My guess is that you will see it used from time to time, but only as a change up or surprise attack similar to a flea flicker play. The Cowboys do have some players who might make the scheme successful, but it should only be utilized on a very limited basis.

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