Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Say No to Michael Vick

It was just announced about an hour ago that Michael Vick will be conditionally reinstated to the NFL. He is currently a free agent so he is free to sign with the highest bidder. Jerry Jones has stated on the record several times that the Cowboys will not be signing Michael Vick.

I bring up the issue because I know the "bring Vick to Dallas" comments are already piling up. I don't want that guy on my team now or ever. Look at the picture to the right and tell me he isn't such a bad guy. Those are Falcon fans he flipping off. I doubt he could handle the scrutiny he would face as a Dallas Cowboy. The Cowboys just spent an offseason eliminating distractions and he would be the ultimate distraction coming off of his suspension. Jerry Jones, please don't do something stupid!


  1. It feels like our team finally might be under the radar, Vick would be the total opposite of that.

  2. Vick wasnt a good QB before being out of football for a couple of years...i cant imagine he's gotten better all of a sudden.

    I agree...he's not worth it.

  3. there's no reason to even talk about Mike Vick....who is that anyway when it comes to the Cowboys...........Him giving the middle finger to a fan is worse than "PitBull" fighting.....That's just my opinion though. -Atl_Cowboy