Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Early Training Camp Thoughts

Things appear to be off to a good start at least from an injury standpoint which is my #1 concern after the endless injuries of last year. The passing game sounds like it is a little rusty which is usually the case at this point in the year. It is actually pretty amusing to see how much the fans and media overreact about the statistics produced by Tony Romo during practice. I don't have concerns about Romo's ability to get the ball to the open man. Three years of good/great numbers tell me that he will get the kinks worked out.

Roy Williams looks leaner and quicker early in camp. All of the receivers are out there working so that is a good sign. I think the receivers can get the job done but there is going to be trouble if anyone gets injured. The last thing the team needs is to bring in another head case. Matt Jones isn't the player the Cowboys need right now. Not only is he one dumb mistake away from suspension, but he is lazy and inconsistent. And just in case you haven't was Matt Jones' agent who called the Cowboys to try to guage their interest and they said they aren't.

Jason Witten is the best tight end in football no matter how delusional Chris Cooley has become about himself. Cooley's videos were pretty stupid but I have to admit I did chuckle at them. I don't know why he acts surprised that he is catching some flak for putting stupid stuff like that on the internet. I personally don't care what he says or does. It is interesting that no one seems concerned about his focus since he appears to have time to film silly skits like that. If he were a member of the Dallas Cowboys that video would be leading off SportsCenter.

Kyle Kosier is working with the first team at left guard. I am very interested to see how the left guard battle plays out. I'm guessing that Kosier will remain on the first team until the preseason games start. I was really impressed by Holland when he got on the field last year but I might have a skewed memory of him since he was replacing Cory Proctor, one of the worst Cowboys' lineman in recent memory. I'd like to see the Cowboys keep both Kosier and Holland.

If all three running backs go into the season at 100% then I can't name a better group in the NFL. Jason Garrett has to be loving the options he has right now after dealing with injury after injury at running back last year.

I am heading to camp tomorrow to see how things look in person. I'll be sure to post an entry on my impression of training camp when I get home.


  1. I look forward to hearing your in person perspective. Be sure to post some pics if you got em.

  2. Can't wait to hear from someone who it actually there! If you have pics, please share!