Friday, August 28, 2009

Close Call

I was going through my usual evening routine last night checking the latest Cowboys news when a headline popped up stating that Roy Williams had injured his shoulder. Over the next few hours it went from an unknown injury to a banged shoulder to a broken collarbone (out 6-8 weeks) to an AC joint injury (severity unknown). Then this morning we were all informed that it was simply a bruised shoulder and his status is day to day. This is the second time in a few weeks we have been through this with Roy Williams.

I don't know if it is the media overreacting, Roy being a drama queen, or the training staff being overly cautious. Whatever it is, the stress of it all is going to give someone a heart attack before this is all over. I was skeptical when I heard the injury reports last night because the information was coming from the typical "unnamed sources". I'm not saying I wasn't worried, but I wasn't ready to give up on the season either. It is amazing to read the comments posted on by "fans" during times like last night. Some people were ready to call off the season or give up the farm to trade for Brandon Marshall at the first sign of trouble.

I don't fault Orlando Scandrick in the battle he is having with Roy Williams at practice. Scandrick is practicing hard and trying to get better. It would be nice if it didn't result in the #1 receiver being injured, but he is playing on instinct out there. I just hope he can inflict the same damage on the opposition as he is putting on his own teammates.

It appears that Roy Williams will be ready to go for the season opener and probably sooner than that. Just another day in the life of the Dallas Cowboys. The media frenzy got a little out of control last night and jumped to conclusions. I'm glad it all turned out ok and it just makes me want the regular season to get here faster before a key player really does get seriously hurt.

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