Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cornerback Injuries...Time To Worry?

In just one practice the Cowboys went from a relatively injury free camp to a suddenly injury plagued least at the cornerback position.  Mike Jenkins sprained his ankle and Terence Newman has a mild groin strain.  They are both now listed as day to day on the injury report.  The problem with day to day is that it sometimes drags out or even turns out to be a much bigger injury than first anticipated.  So the big question is whether we should all be losing sleep over what is being described as relatively minor injuries.

Terence Newman has developed a scary trend for what is now the third season in a row.  Last year we were told that he had a mild groin strain and then things lingered and worsened to the point that he eventually required surgery due to a sports hernia.  I have a hard time taking Wade Phillips at his word on injury comments because he has a tendency to downplay every injury that happens.  All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that this really is minor for Newman because these groin strains have a way of lingering for long periods of time.

Mike Jenkins is another story.  Some guys bounce back from ankle sprains very quickly but others take months to get back to 100%.  The severity of the sprain is part of the equation but some guys are just fast healers.  Jenkins didn't seem to be a fast healer after his hamstring pull last season but he did come back and look very strong after his rehab stint.  I'm going to hope this sprain is minor enough that Jenkins has plenty of time to get himself back to 100% a couple of weeks before the regular season so he can get his confidence back.

I'm not going to go jump off of a bridge and call the season a bust after these two injuries but I am definitely concerned.  There are some young guys who will benefit from the extra practice reps.  How quickly Newman and Jenkins get back to full time practice will tell us everything we need to know about the severity of the injuries.  If at least one of them can get back to practice within the next week then I won't be worried.  If both guys are back I'll be elated.  But if Jenkins and Newman are both still out in two weeks then I am going to start sounding the alarm.  


  1. I definitely hope they keep taking the approach of bringing them back slow...especially with Newman. The last two years its taken him a long while to get back to form after an injury.

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