Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Move the Video Board Already

We all know how this is going to end. Roger Goodell is going to tell Jerry Jones in the very near future that the video board will have to be raised 10-20 feet before the start of the season. He may have privately already told him to do it, but I have to believe that Jerry is fully aware that the board will have to be raised.

I think I know why Jerry Jones is being difficult. $2 million doesn't sound like much to fix the problem when you look at the overall cost of the new stadium. I know I don't like to spend money when I don't have to...especially when I don't think I should be the one paying. Since the NFL reviewed and approved the stadium plans they are at least partially at fault for the problem that the Cowboys now face. If I have to guess I would think that the cost will be shared between the team and the Cowboys.

The "do-over" rule for dealing with a punt hitting the board is the only fair solution but it raises way too many issues to be a viable option. I'm sure at some point in the very near future the board will be raised and the media frenzy over the board can die down. Maybe at that point people will begin to understand and appreciate what an amazing stadium that Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have created for the league.

Hey, it wouldn't be the Dallas Cowboys if something that should be a minor fix isn't blown out of proportion and made into national headlines and a SportsCenter lead. How 'bout them Cowboys!

Update: In a shocking decision, Roger Goodell has decided against requiring the Cowboys to raise the video board. I don't agree with that decision, and I hope that this doesn't become a bigger issue down the road.


  1. Totally disagree on that last point. They aren't just talking about the Cowboys, everyone is making fun of them. They have almost become a punchline the last few years, and it makes me sick. It's so embarrassing to show everybody a 1.2 billion dollar stadium, then have everyone talk about punters hitting a video board. If Jerry did this just for the publicity, it's shameful.

  2. I think this kind of publicity is fantastic. Very humorous for Dallas Fans who are in awe of the new stadium, and another point of contention among Dallas Haters. I can feel their anger and jealousy...isn't it great? Plus, it gives that @#$%@#*!!!, Ed Werder something to rant about while standing outside of Valley Ranch (I wish Jerry would buy a shotgun).

    As for who pays for it. Let the NFL pay for it or wait until after the U2 concert, when it has to be raised, adjusting the height after the concert. As you pointed out, it was built to NFL spec. Take it to court if you have to, but there is no reason that Jerry should foot the bill. The NFL should be bowing to Jerry for the historically great TV deals the entire league enjoys. Imagine how bleak this down economy would be for say, The Detroit Lions, if they weren't able to share in those revenues.

    Finally, I leave you with this. Titan punters were clearly trying to hit the scoreboard in warmups and during the game. Look at the tape again and tell me if you do not agree. If a punter hits the scoreboard, they should be taken to task by their own coverage unit, who after this selfish act, must line up and sprint down the field again. A good taping to one's locker will work just fine.

  3. Jerry has enough about he pay some1 to make that thing invisible! -Atl_Cowboy