Monday, August 17, 2009

Roy Williams Is Responding Well to the Pressure

I felt a huge sense of relief today when I heard that Roy Williams was not only practicing, but playing great. Losing Roy is not something that needs to happen before the season even starts. What was extremely encouraging were the comments that he made to the media after practice.

Roy said he wanted to get back on the field because he wants to prove to his teammates, the fans, and the media that he is tough enough to push through some pain. He also admitted that some of his motivation was to avoid a core workout on the side with the trainers, but at least he was honest. It would have been easy for him to sit out for a few days and get a break from the monotony of camp, but I think he realizes that all eyes are on him this season.

Roy Williams expects to play in the preseason game Friday against the Titans. Again, this is great news because the more work he and Tony Romo get in game situations the better off the offense will be when the season starts. I was expecting him to miss a few days. This turned out to be the best case scenario for an injury which is unusual for the Cowboys over the last couple of years.

In other excellent news, Terence Newman made a strong return to practice as well. It sure would be nice to make it to the regular season with the core group of starters on both sides of the ball healthy. The nicks and bruises that are adding up are to be expected, but it always makes me nervous when the key players are hurting.

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