Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tony Romo Getting a New Image?

Tony Romo has always been the lovable, goofy, guy next door.  His new campaign with Starter looks like it might be trying to change that image.  I am excited to see a tougher side of Romo being displayed to the public because I don't think most people recognize the toughness he displays on a weekly basis during the season.  I know a commercial won't do anything without winning some playoff games first, but I have to believe it will help the public perception of him.  Check out the video.  This is going to play during the game tomorrow.  Maybe somewhere down the road Starter can showcase the toughness Tony Romo has displayed so far in his NFL career.


  1. I think you mean "guy next door".

  2. Thanks for the help...I didn't catch that when I proofed my post.

  3. Eric Fischer says.....Looks like some of the games I have been watching...refs werent around to call