Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Cowboys Need Their Fans on Sunday

This is it. The moment we all have been waiting for. It is the biggest game of the season. Win and anything is still possible. Lose and it would take a minor miracle for the Cowboys to win a playoff spot.

The Chargers aren't planning to come into Cowboys Stadium and roll over for the Cowboys. They have won 15 straight December games as I'm sure everyone has heard at this point and they've won 7 consecutive games coming into this game. They know how to win big games in December. And the Chargers are clinging to a one game division lead so it isn't like they are feeling like they can afford to lose on Sunday.

The Chargers have a +9 turnover ratio to Dallas' -2. The Chargers score 28.5 points per game compared to 23.2 for Dallas. The Chargers have the 12th rated defense to the Cowboys 14th rated defense based on yards allowed. Nate Kaeding has made 89% of his field goals compared to just 67% for Nick Folk.

Not all of the statistics favor the Chargers but a lot of them do. But if you look at the personnel for both teams it would appear to be a very even match up on paper.

So what big factor do the Cowboys have working for them? Home field advantage.

Unfortunately, that usually doesn't mean a whole lot when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. The fans tend to sit down during the entire game and only really get into the action when the offense is piling up points. That isn't going to cut it this week.

The fans need to be rabid. They need to be loud from opening kickoff until the final whistle. Of course they need to stay quiet for the offense, but the defense and special teams need their energy. The crowd can force false starts. The crowd can get the players motivated. And the crowd can be the biggest advantage for the home team on Sunday.

The Cowboys need their fans this week more than ever. To the fans going to the game on Sunday...if you are like me and you are dying to see the Cowboys finally break their playoff drought then you need to pour your heart and soul into the game this week. Your team needs you and this is your chance to actually make a difference in what happens on the field. Don't sit on your hands. Let the team hear you and do anything you can to send the Chargers home with a loss.

Don't be afraid to make noise. People around you might look at you like you are an idiot but the real fans will appreciate your enthusiasm. That enthusiasm tends to be contagious. Maybe by getting loud and crazy you'll get the people next to you more excited. And they, in turn, will get the people next to them going and on and on. Before you know it Cowboys Stadium will be roaring like never before. We can make a difference this week. Don't let the opportunity to go waste!


  1. I agree. I won't be there, but when I'm at football games, I'm hoarse the next few days. Nothing like disrupting the other team's O and helping your own team's D!

  2. No doubt this game is BIG. Lose this one and Cowboys will have to beat the Redskins and the Eagles to even have a chance at a wild-card. win this one and could be the catlayst the Cowboys need. GO COWBOYS!!!!

  3. I went and saw Dallas play Carolina on Monday night earlier this season and the new stadium is awesome and LOUD. The fans can really make a big impact on the game if they get really vocal in their support of The 'Boys.