Friday, December 18, 2009

Expecting a Loss, Hoping for a Win

Some have accused me of "drinking the kool-aid" over the last few days because I stated that I think the Cowboys can win the game tomorrow. And I still believe they can. That doesn't necessarily mean that I believe that they will, but I am going to hope that the Cowboys pull off the upset against all odds.

At some point the Cowboys are going to break through this ridiculous December barrier. A lot of fans, including myself, are sick and tired of the same story playing out every year. I think all of us who have stuck by our team through these tough times are due. The Cowboys are due for a big win...they are overdue. And the true fans deserve to see their team succeed after dealing with all of the Cowboy haters and bandwagon jumpers bashing our team.

This probably isn't the week for the breakthrough but it will be awfully sweet if the Cowboys knock the Saints from their pedestal. I'm predicting a loss this week. 34-21 for the Saints. This doesn't mean I won't be hoping for the best, but I am prepared for the worst. I hope my next blog entry is about how dumb I was to doubt my team.


  1. If Dallas pulls it's collective head out of it's @ss I think the season can be saved.

    Wade - Time to get tough or get gone. Can you spell Shanahan? Again?

    Garrett - I don't know if you noticed, but last week running the damn ball was working pretty well. Tony can pull us out of a problem one or twice in a game but to rely on that sucks.

    Tony - Stop playing the star. Don't go to Vegas, Aruba, Hell Don't even go anywhere. Keep a low profile until you beat this curse/monkey/whatever the hell it is.

    Defense - I don't know how you keep us in each game long enough to have it blown by little things. Hopefully DeMarcus will be back shortly. Oh.. Tackle every one every time.

    Offense - Guys.. Penalties....... Maybe no one has explained to you.. But we have lost every game we have lost because of a crucial penalty. Not all have been on the offense but those that have been called on you guys has been a back breaker.

    Nick - Dude.....

    Dallas has the best running core as well as the best tight end in the league. The Wide Receivers are capable of anything. Either Williams or Austin could be the next Pearson. Both if they decide to.

    Let's take the Saints down. Destroy the myth that we can't win in December and shut down the Skins and Eagles in the next two weeks. Sweep these three and bring some momentum into the SuperBowl.

  2. Run Garrett Run!! I keep hearing 3 headed monster but I sure have not seen it...

  3. 1st off I can't look at any media in December because I'm tired of all the negative December crap.....I'll just be looking at the games. My hope is that we beat the Saints, clinch a playoff birth by beating Washington next week and play Philly for the division. The Saints are beat up and we have yet to loss a game by more the 3 or 7. The Saints will run out of gas and a lot of players will get hurt and Brees wont play in the 4th quarter. This game reminds me of the Green Bay Cowboys game a few yrs back when Farve got hurt and we beat Green Bay pretty good. That was a December game if I recall.......Go COWBOYS!!!!!
    -Atl Cowboy

  4. I can't believe we won..... This wont stop the media machine tho. They will just ask where this effort has been all year.

  5. I agree the best win years. Romo played great the d came up big. Romo2witten is the man I love your glass is full outlook. I have been wrong Im on the bandwagon