Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep Holding Your Breath on Field Goals

Well, the Cowboys finally made a move at kicker. I loved what Nick Folk did for the Cowboys for a couple of years but you can't ruin your season trying to let your kicker work out of a funk. I would have been fine with dumping him before the Saints game and waiting almost cost the Cowboys their biggest win in a long time.

I know a lot of people aren't too happy with Sean Suisham. I'm not too thrilled either but I have to believe he'll be better than Folk has been for the last six weeks. Suisham is 18 for 21 for the year which isn't bad until you look at the kicks he missed. He missed a kick to close out the game for the Redskins against the Cowboys. And then he missed a kick eerily similar to the kick that Folk missed against the Saints that would have sealed the game for the Redskins. So he seems to struggle when you need him the most.

But if he can at least be consistent on the other kicks it will be an upgrade. I still feel like I won't trust the kicking game for the rest of the season. Even extra points have become a stressful play at this point. If Suisham can come out and make all his kicks under 40 yards then I'll be happy with that. I just hope we don't need him to win the game as time expires this season.

It is sad to think that we all came into the season thinking the Cowboys had a great kicker and now that position is the biggest headache. I've got to believe that the offense will be going for it on forth down a lot more from here on out when they are in position for a long field goal.

Suisham certainly has to be motivated to perform well this week to prove to the Redskins that they made a mistake. But no matter what he does the Redskins made the right move at the time just like getting rid of Folk was the right move for Dallas. Some kickers just get messed up in the head and the only way they can get out of a funk is by having a break and finding a new team. Let's just hope that Suisham has had enough time to fix whatever was causing him to choke on the big kicks.


  1. Hopefully David Buehler will work on field goals and be the guy next season. But right now, it's not a good situation.

    On a side note, don't you think the Cowboys could afford to trade Marty B in the offseason? I think that if you get a 2nd round pick for him, it's not even a tough decision. His hands aren't great and he runs scared. John Phillips has been really good at the backup tight end. I think it's something worth looking at.

  2. I agree about Marty B. I'm not a fan of his but a lot of people love his sideshow. I'm not convinced football is his priority. I wouldn't mind if they traded him now that we've seen that Phillips is a good player.

  3. I think Bennett is a good player with a lot of talent but he just needs to focus and work harder. He doesn't seem to be commited to the tram right now.

  4. Marty B has'nt even come close to the single production that Phillips had last week against the Saints. I agree that sometimes it seems like his heart just isn't in it. Mayby he'd rather play basketball. I think that he is taking time away from Dallas developing their best 2nd TE option.

  5. Phillips is clearly better..i look forward to the cowboys putting their best players on the field right away, rather than waiting forever (e.g. miles austin)..id also like to see more time for ogletree and less for roy williams.

  6. I just picked up Shaun Shuisham on my fantasy team, it's the championship game. I'm gonna live or die with the Cowboys. I have him, their defense and Tony Romo.