Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The New Home Will Be Cowboys Stadium

At least for now. I honestly don't care what the name is right now because I know it will be changing soon anyway. The only reason I even mention the name here is because there are so many people who seem to be upset about the name choice. Some think Jerry Jones is being greedy by not making a deal now for the naming rights. Some people think the temporary name should have more meaning. I actually think Jerry is doing the best thing he can do right now to maximize his revenue from the new stadium and to keep more people from hating him.

Would you make a deal for say $25 million over 20 years if you knew that by waiting a year or two you could make $50 million over 20 years? You have to put yourself in the shoes of Jerry Jones to really answer that question because I'm sure Jerry Jones has all the money he needs to maintain his lifestyle indefinitely. So he can wait for the best deal to come to him as soon as the big corporations start offering him big money when the economy improves. If you look at it that way, he is making the smart choice financially.

Now let's think about what would happen if the temporary name was meaningful. Like maybe Tom Landry Stadium. How mad would some people get if the name was Tom Landry Stadium and then two years from now Jerry had a press conference to announce that that name was changing to AT&T Stadium or Capital One Stadium? There would be some people seriously upset about something like that going down. That is exactly why you choose a name that is completely nondescript and forgettable.


  1. I thought about this one night. If i was super rich, I would give them 75 million over 20 years and tell them to name it "Texas Stadium". Along with the name, I should recieve 4 seats to every home game. A man can dream.

  2. I think it's hard to get naming rights from the Banks and Insurance Companies these days because the taxpayers are paying for them to stay in business...I personally would be pissed about it. We taxpayers are helping fund a lot of the Newer Stadiums these days, and now if one of these companies were to spend $20plus million on naming rights after a Taxpayer Bailout, why that would be just down right "______ __"!!!(("messed up")) 'keep your mind outta da gutter'...LoL

    I can't even afford to buy a ticket to a game, but they want to use Our Tax Money so they can keep their Millions & Billions..."That's my problem with today's game"!!!

  3. Since I am hot on the topic of the Game these Days(i.e. the money it makes)...I really have to laugh about how messed up it is. These players say; "they need to make all these millions of dollars every year because its a dangerous game"!!!

    Yeah it's dangerous, but "What a Joke too"...Think about it. Every year they put in more new rules to make it safer for them, "The Game Today Is Nothing Like the days of Old, the real warriors"!!!

    "Hears How The Salary's Go Below"
    Highest Paid= QB > Can't touch them or your flagged...
    Next Highest= WR > Prima Donna's & See QB's Rule...
    Next Highest=Rookies > Haven't played a NFL Snap...
    Next Highest= DB's > Most Corners don't even Tackle, and Safety's aren't even paid like a corner...

    Granted these days the Top Lineman are finally getting paid, but they should be. Also, the Rb's should be getting the higher pay, as they and the line players take the most pounding and probably have more pain for the rest of their post career lives!!!

    Pretty messed up system they have...Also, how bout taking care of the Retired Players who made you guys rich today because of their sacrifices and not a Rookie who hasn't done a thing???

    "Sorry, But Some Thing Is Really Wrong With This!!!((Yeah, I'm Venting For All Of Us Fans That Can't Afford To Pay To Take The Family To A Game))

  4. @romo2witten - nice analysis