Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

Is Joe DeCamillis the right man to lead the special teams or what? How can you not follow a guy who is back on the field coaching less than two weeks after surgery to fuse vertebrae due to a broken neck? I am impressed to say the least. I have to believe the players are sold on Coach D and will follow him anywhere now.

Keith Davis is officially gone. I don't know if the Cowboys passed or he just moved on, but he is now with the Oakland Raiders. Once the Cowboys made it apparent through their draft picks that they were revamping the special teams it started to feel like this was going to happen. I'll miss Keith Davis and I think the Cowboys will have to hope to find someone to step up to be the leader on special teams. Maybe Joe DeCamillis is such a strong personality that the leadership of Keith Davis is no longer needed. Time will tell.

Another surgery for Isaiah Stanback? The Cowboys don't have any more time to wait for him to develop. This was supposed to be the year that he finally stepped up and showed us all that he could be an NFL receiver. He better make it back in time for training camp. Even if he does he is going to have to show something special to make the final roster. I guess he is just one of those guys who just can't stay healthy. Stanback's speed and exposiveness are apparent when he is actually healthy enough to get on the field but he just hasn't done enough to make the team keep waiting on him any longer.

I have said this many, many times already but here we go again. A few positive remarks about Kitna from some of the writers who went to the first OTA practice and now the Kitna lovers are back. If you really believe that he will replace Romo as the starter you are absolutely crazy. The only way Kitna ever starts is if Romo is injured. And Romo's job is safe if he is out for a few games regardless of Kitna's performance. I don't know why some people can't go look at some of the numbers that Romo has put up and realize that he is a very good quarterback. And Jerry Jones didn't give him $60+ million to watch Kitna run the offense.

Don't even get me started on Michael Vick. He will not play for the Cowboys. And I would never want him on my team no matter how many people speak up for him. Tony Dungy making the whole "he didn't have a father figure" excuse for him makes me sick. A lot of people grow up without a father and they don't run gambling rings, smoke weed and get caught while waiting for trial, and mutilate and kill animals with their bare hands. Something is not right with Michael Vick. To me he is just like Pacman...rotten to the core. Spare me the "bring Vick to Dallas" garbage. (And I even left out the airport "water bottle" incident, lying to the NFL commissioner's face and his owner's face about the dog fighting, flipping off his fans, and the Ron Mexico fiasco.)


  1. I'm kind of stunned that Greg Ellis is being shopped around. It will help with the cap...but wow. Shocked

  2. Nothing wrong with smoking a little weed (or at least there shouldn't be. Legalize it!), but I agree that the Cowboys have no need for Vick. I think he's a tad over-rated as a QB and Romo is the guy anyway. And there is no need to pull him in as a "trick player" (like someone to run trick "wildcat plays"). He'd take too long to develope as a WR or punt returner. I say, keep the controversy out of Dallas, and develope the new players. Stay away from Vick.