Monday, May 11, 2009

Tony Romo Is Playing Golf...Get Over It

Tony Romo is trying to qualify for the U.S. Open and the Byron Nelson tournament again this year. And of course the "fans" are up in arms about it. Seriously? I would love for someone to give me a good explanation as to how exactly we have earned the right to dictate his activities on his personal time. It would be one thing if he were out sky diving or even doing motorcycle tricks like Kellen Winslow, Jr. But we're talking about the game of golf. The game is played by old, fat men. He is not risking injury so what else could the issue be?

Oh yeah, he should be working on his game 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Really? Do you want the guy to play like he loves the game of football or play like it is a job? Remember last year when Tony seemed run down by all of the drama and criticism? The guy could use some down time once in a while and I think it can only help that his down time includes a high-pressure, competitive qualifying tournament. Let him get away from the pressures of being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys for a few hours a week and you'll probably see a much happier man.

I can't think of many people who love their job so much that they choose to do nothing but work all day, every day with no breaks ever. Peyton Manning plays golf in the offseason and a lot of people consider him to be the best quarterback in the league. Drew Brees plays a lot of golf and somehow he is doing just fine in New Orleans.

We all want to see our Cowboys win some playoff games next season but burning out in May is not going to help Tony Romo play better football in December. And don't forget the facts in this situation. Tony was working out this offseason before most guys in the league were even considering it. Not only is he working with his teammates every week but he is spending extra time on top of that with Roy Williams. Let the man have a life outside of football. I don't like seeing him running around the Hollywood scene any more than any of you, but playing golf for a few hours isn't going to hurt anyone.


  1. You're right on about Tony. Get over it folks. You should be proud not concerned. How many people in the world have the talent to qualify for the US Open?...Besides, this kind of experience can only be good for a guy who's job is to win.

    Good for him.

  2. I'm not really angry about it. After hearing how hard he is working in the offseason with Roy Williams and different offseason programs, it's nothing to worry about. He needs to win a playoff game before people will get off his back about this though.

  3. The Dallas Cowboys need to win a playoff game, tony romo just happens to be the starting QB, but he certainly not the reason we haven't won one yet. I be willing to bet anything that we'd be in worse situation with any other guy under center other then peyton manning, tom brady, and drew brees. Any other QB with the exact same coaches n personel around him would do worse. WE should be proud to have him. Go Tony!!!

  4. To Ricky A...nobody is saying it's all Romo's fault for our lack of playoff wins. As the starting quarterback of THE Dallas Cowboys, he gets the blame and the glory. Fair or not, that's how it is. I'm very happy for him trying to qualify for the U.S. Open, and most other people are as well. Those that aren't happy about it, don't really care about him playing golf, they care about the lack of playoff wins. Personally I think he is like Peyton Manning, the playoff wins will come eventually. Until then, the scrutiny is fair game.

  5. Michael Jordan was a golf fanatic in the off season...he turned out OK..non-issue.

  6. Daniel Phillips, I see what your getting at. Well said.