Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's Get It Started

All of the picks are signed (except Brewster who is out for the year). Everyone is ready to go. There definitely a different vibe when you listen to Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips talk about the team. They both seem to be making an effort to keep expectations reasonable, but there is a confidence under the surface that tells me they both still believe this team is built for a deep playoff run.

Time will tell how everything plays out but I noticed during yesterday's opening press conference that Wade Phillips seems to be taking a better approach to practice. They will start with special teams every day for a few reasons. Joe DeCamillis is going to be getting everyone fired up but it also sends the message to the team that special teams are no longer an afterthought.

Wade Phillips still isn't exactly a fiery guy, but he definitely has a more serious and determined tone in his voice. I'm sure it will be mocked by the media but at least he is trying. I'm not convinced he is the right guy to deal with everything that comes with being the head coach of the most publicised team in American sports. He is the coach of my team and I have to hope that the team can find a way to succeed with Wade as the head man.


  1. Remember when Tom Cofflin was under fire and he changed his ways? They won the super bowl and they went under the radar doing it with that great defensive line. Let's hope the same for the boys this yr!!!!! -Atl_cowboy

  2. Today was the first day that it all really set in for me. Reading about the three headed monster at running back and thinking of all the great things that could come of it, it's so exciting. This is it for Wade Phillips. If he doesn't win at least a playoff game this year, he'll never get another chance at a head coaching job. I like Wade but I just want him to win. This season is almost here, I can't wait.