Thursday, April 1, 2010

How About Jordan Shipley?

I have to admit that I am an unabashed Longhorn hater. I live in the Austin, Texas area so I get the constant barrage of Longhorn propaganda. I'm not originally from the Austin area so I have always hated the way the Austin area puts the Longhorns on a pedestal. So for me to even consider a player from the Longhorns as a potential Cowboy is saying something. Roy Williams hasn't helped change my view of the Longhorns either.

But if you have ever watched Jordan Shipley play you can see that this guy has the makings of a very good professional receiver. He runs excellent routes, he has good speed and quickness, very good hands, and he has the ability to return punts and kicks. He isn't a big guy (6'0" and 190 lbs.), but he always seemed to play bigger than his measureables would indicate. His 4.4-4.5 40 speed doesn't knock your socks off, but what really matters is how a guy plays in live game action.

Jordan Shipley has been a playmaker for the last few years at Texas. Over the last two seasons Shipley compiled 205 receptions for 2545 yards and 24 touchdowns. And throw in 3 punts returns and a kick return for touchdowns over that span.

Those are pretty gaudy numbers but we do have to keep in mind how a team like Texas plays inferior opponents early in the season and pads their stats while running up the score. However, Shipley made plays against all levels of opposition. In the national title game this year he put up 10 receptions for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns against Alabama with a freshman quarterback running the offense.

I don't think Shipley is a guy who is going to be a gamebreaker but I do think he fits the mold of the slot receiver the Cowboys offense seems to lack. Patrick Crayton does a decent job but he lacks any semblance of speed. Shipley plays fast and I have never seen him get caught from behind. And the guy also has experience as a holder for field goals so Tony Romo could give up that role next season.

I'd like to see the Cowboys draft Shipley and give him a year or two to develop behind Crayton. At some point the Cowboys are going to have to find a suitable long term replacement for Patrick Crayton. Roy Williams, Miles Austin, and Kevin Ogletree look like they will be fixtures on the roster for the foreseeable future so that leaves a couple of spots up for grabs. Sam Hurd has had a long time to work his way into the offense and while he makes a play here or there he has never made plays consistently.

Shipley is projecting to be picked anywhere from the middle of the 2nd round all the way to the beginning of the 5th round. I think he would be a steal for the Cowboys in the 3rd or 4th round. The Cowboys may pass on Shipley but I really hope they finally make a move to find a slot receiver with the ability to return kicks. I've been hoping for a guy like Shipley to be picked by the Cowboys for the last few years. Maybe this is finally the year.

I know everyone looks like a future all-pro on their Youtube highlight reel, but there are some great catches and ankle breaking moves on this video that will get your attention.


  1. His route running is outstanding. I am more impressed by his hands; he seems to catch anything around him. It helps when the qbs throw it a bit off. I'd love to see him on our team (this coming from an OU fan, 3rd generation).

  2. I am a huge Longhorns fan. I was a little upset last year that we drafted Stephen McGee (was hoping to wait a year and maybe grab McCoy), but I absolutely LOVE Shipley. He was definitely a force to be reckoned with, not just for the little opponents, but as you mentioned Alabama with a Freshman QB, Ohio State last year at the Fiesta Bowl.

    The highlight did nothing for his punt returns. The huge one he had this year against Texas Tech was the game changer.

    I really hope he falls to around the 4th round, because I think we can grab him around there.

  3. I would love this kid in the fourth round! This coming from an Alabama fan that still has the Texas game DVD and I've reviewed it often. This kid stepped up when his team needed him most when others disappear. He is a slightly bigger Dexter McCluster and if you read the cowboys bog the other day on drafting flexibility, this guy definitely fits that bill. Maybe we get our very own Wes Welker this year. (Justus)