Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Jerry Jones Video

I'm sure you have all seen it by now. A clearly drunk Jerry Jones is talking with some "fans" at a bar and makes some not so nice comments about Bill Parcells and makes an obviously true statement about Tim Tebow. The language used and the comments made about Bill Parcells are not good, but the last time I checked most people already thought Jerry Jones is an egotistical jerk. What he said about Tim Tebow is true. With Romo the quarterback for at least 5 more years it would be dumb to pick Tebow because he would never get on the field. Is that controversial?

I do think that Jerry Jones should conduct himself better in a public setting but thanks to these "fans" the chances of any of us now getting to have an informal discussion with the owner of our team are gone. Jerry believed he was having an informal chat with some Cowboys fans. And maybe he was. But when this video found its way onto the internet I think these so called "fans" crossed the line.

Maybe I am old fashioned but I don't believe that every conversation, every email, and every text message needs to be analyzed by the public. TMZ loves to follow celebrities around with a video camera and hope they say the wrong thing or make one wrong move. I guess the same rules now apply for sports celebrities. Jerry Jones was actually naive enough to believe that he could have a casual conversation with a few fans.

Am I excusing his drunken comments? No. But I don't think this needs to be played on ESPN endlessly and overanalyzed. As usual with ESPN you can count on this story running for weeks. The only thing missing from the video is Ed Werder asking the questions to the drunken owner.

I just don't think this is that big of a deal. Jerry Jones does need to do a better job representing himself and his team. He sets the example for the entire organization to follow but I would hate to think he can't have an informal conversation with Cowboys fans. Jerry Jones should be ashamed of his behavior and the "fans" who put the video on the internet should never be allowed to claim to be fans of the Dallas Cowboys again.


  1. My understanding now is that the "fans" was an "independent film maker". I guess this is the new term we will use for every douche with a cell phone camera. I have no problem with ESPN airing the video because these are the times in which we live. You mention TMZ, who is opening their own sports division. These "fans" are lower than TMZ and the like because at least TMZ places the videocamera where you can see it. If you walk into that trap that is your fault. I have no problem with Jerry, what he said or that it has been disseminated. I DO have a problem with how the video was gathered.

    Now let's address what was said; Parcells- I think Jerry loves him and hates him at the same time. I thank Parcells for setting us on the right path. I hope this does not affect our ability to do business with Miami going forward and I don't think it will, business is business. I am more worried that this shows that Jerry still thinks he can go it alone. Tebow- Agreed, what was said was 100% true. How does he get on the field? He doesn't. This will blow over with the next trade, transgression or schedule release, whichever comes first. (Justus)

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