Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miles Austin Is Back in Big D

Just last night I posted a blog about Miles Austin working out in California away from the team. Based on the comments that Tony Romo made to ESPN last weekend it sounded like he knew the absence would be short lived. And sure enough, Miles Austin was back with the team today at Valley Ranch. Good for him and good for the team.

So for all of the bashers of the Cowboys, Miles Austin is no diva. He wouldn't be back with the team without a long term deal if he wasn't a team first kind of guy. I'm guessing there is some sort of gentleman's agreement between Miles and the team for a long term deal. He will get his money at some point. But working with the team so he can continue his success from last season will only help his cause.

I'm glad he is back. Now there are only a few guys left on the list who need to get back to working with the team. After the RFA deadline passes on Thursday afternoon I'm guessing that they will all be back to work with the rest of the players.

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