Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interesting Final Draft Pick

The Cowboys have managed to discover some gems at the end of the draft over the last decade. They may have found another one today. Defensive tackle Sean Lissemore from William and Mary was the Cowboys last pick. The thing that makes you raise your eyebrows about this guy is his athletic history. He was a track star in high school. And I'm not talking about throwing the shot put. He ran the 100 meter dash in 11.20 seconds in high school and was one of the best sprinters in New Jersey.

He was a linebacker in high school but moved to defensive tackle in college. He has maintained much of his athleticism while adding 50 pounds to his frame to weigh in around 300 pounds. And he ran a 4.8 40-yard dash at his pro day this year. His size and versatility makes me think of Jay Ratliff. I'm not saying he'll be that good, but he is definitely a unique player in the draft.

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