Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roy, Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys

Roy Williams doesn't seem to quite understand just yet how much he is going to be scrutinized as a member of the Dallas Cowboys team. Every move he makes and every word out of his mouth is going to be over analyzed. The sooner he understands that fact the better off he will be.

The only thing that is going to shut up all of his naysayers and doubters is production early and often when the season starts. Then he will need to help the team make some noise in the playoffs and then maybe he'll start to get the respect he wants. He seems extremely motivated to prove that he is worthy of the cost the Cowboys paid to bring him to Dallas. His extra work with Tony Romo shows that he is dedicated to having the best season possible.

How well he performs is going to be one of the keys to a successful season and I think he knows that. A few big games will quiet the critics momentarily but the end result has to be playoff success. Hopefully he can keep using all of the scrutiny as extra motivation throughout the season because the chatter is only going to increase as the season goes on.

If I could speak to Roy Williams directly for a few minutes I would like to tell him this...Roy, this is what it is to be a Dallas Cowboy. No one cares about what you did as a Texas Longhorn anymore. No one cares what you did as a Detroit Lion. No one even cares what you did last season. The only thing that matters is getting to the playoffs and winning in the playoffs. Accept it and use it to motivate you.


  1. Let's hope he will perform as we all expect him to.

  2. We were paper champions last year. Shred the paper, put up or shut up, and just play the damn game!