Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dez Bryant...Wow!

I have to be excited by the pick for Dez Bryant but I do have some mixed emotions. I just hope the rumors about his problems with getting places on time and knowing the offensive plays were just pre-draft garbage. The guy is an athletic freak. He goes up and gets the ball, he is powerful and he is fast. The Cowboys are now completely stacked at wide receiver.

But the question that now will need to be answered is what is going to happen with Roy Williams. Maybe the Cowboys will try to find a way to get all three guys on the field at the same time but he seems like the player the Cowboys thought they were getting when they traded for Roy Williams. The rest of the draft and the upcoming few months will be very interesting for #11.

Tony Romo has to be thrilled to have another weapon on the outside. Miles Austin has to be thrilled to have a receiver across from him who will make plays. Jason Witten is going to run free all day because there won't be enough defenders to double him every play anymore. I think Witten might put up 100 receptions since he'll get more matchups against linebackers. The offense is going to be exciting.

And did I mention that he returns punts too?


  1. I love this pick. From what I've heard many of the experts think he's a good kid. I don't think he'll be a problem off the field but I do think he'll be a problem on the field... For the other team. He's a guy the cowboys were hoping for in Roy Williams. A big tall receiver who can go up and get the jump ball and also be a threat downfield. I would have liked to somehow get Earl Thomas but it wasn't very realistic so I'm fine with this.

  2. He will be a threat on punt returns and kick returns, which is something we haven't had in a while. He doesn't have to catch 100 balls right away either, he can be a weapon for now. Roy Williams better watch out, he might be looking at his replacement.

  3. I too have mixed emotions about the pick but his talent is unquestioned. You guys may remember I predicted this with my conspiracy theory some time ago.I would let Roy Williams go for a bag of balls right now! We need Gaither more than ever after the Eagles and Giants picks and I also want Sharper still. (Justus)

  4. YES YES! Please get Gaither! He is our last real need! I am not sold on Doug Free. Alan Ball is a capable intern safety