Friday, April 23, 2010

Middle Linebacker in Round 2

Everyone, including me, was predicting a tackle or safety with the second round pick for the Dallas Cowboys. But the Cowboys made a slightly surprising move by going for a middle linebacker, Sean Lee out of Penn State. Keith Brooking doesn't have more than a year or two left so the pick isn't a total surprise. I thought before the draft that the Cowboys needed to pick a middle linebacker. I just didn't think they'd place such a high priority on getting one.

It is always a good thing when you can get a linebacker from Penn State, a.k.a. linebacker U. A lot of the draft gurus had Sean Lee rated as the top middle linebacker in the draft. He looks athletic and instinctive. The concerns are durability. If the Cowboys can get him to stay healthy he looks like a guy who could man the middle for 10-12 years.

It wasn't a flashy pick like the move to get Dez Bryant but it is hard to argue against drafting a potential 10-12 year starter at middle linebacker. The Cowboys went into this draft a little shorthanded with picks but it looks like they have landed a couple of potentially great players so far.


  1. If they liked this guy a lot then fine, but I have a problem with what they did. They traded a 4th rounder to move up like 3 spots, now they only have 1 pick until the 6th round. They also haven't addressed safety. That means either Alan Ball is the guy, or they are waiting to trade for someone. Let's hope they trade for someone.

  2. I am still giving the Cowboys front office the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure they have a plan in place at safety and offensive tackle. There is always the free agency route if they don't land a safety in the draft. A safety taken at this point probably isn't going to see much playing time this season anyway. It could be that Mike Hamlin is a bigger part of the plans than any of us realize right now.